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    Notes on Multiple Municipal Magistracies in Julio-Claudian Italy D'Arms, John H. vol. 21
    Registration of a Deed of Sale Damen, Mark L.; Priest, Nancy E. vol. 19
    Index of The Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists, Volumes 1-25 (1963-1989): List of Ostraca, Papyri and Inscriptions Discussed Damon, C.E.; McNamee, K. vol. 26
    Index of The Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists, [Volumes 1-25] (1963-1989): Index of Authors Damon, C.E.; McNamee, K. vol. 26
    Unidentified Prose: P.Vars. 4 Daniel, Robert W. vol. 22
    Notes on the Guilds and Army in Roman Egypt Daniel, Robert W. vol. 16
    Frammento Latino Daris, Sergio vol. 10
    Corrigenda in Stud. Pal. XXII Daris, Sergio vol. 7
    Due Note Daris, Sergio vol. 5
    The Enlistment of Claudius Terentianus Davies, R.W. vol. 10
    Optatus and The Roman Army: P.Lond. 2851. 1-22 Davies, R.W. vol. 5
    Some Notes on the Military Papyri From Dura Davies, R.W. vol. 5
    Namesakes of Saint Thecla in Late Antique Egypt Davis, Stephen J. vol. 36
    [Review] Vincent Rondot, Tebtynis II. Le temple de Soknebtynis et son dromos Davoli, Paola vol. 47
    Examples of Town Planning in the Fayyum Davoli, Paola vol. 42
    Greek Amulets and Formularies from Egypt Containing Christian Elements: A Checklist of Papyri, Parchments, Ostraka, and Tablets de Bruyn, Theodore S.; Dijkstra, Jitse H.F. vol. 48
    Zygostatai in Egypt from 363 A.D. Onwards: A Papyrological Prosopography De Groote, Marc vol. 39
    Le vocabulaire de la pathologie et de la thérapeutique dans les papyrus iatromagiques grecs. Fièvres, traumatismes et « épilepsie » de Haro Sanchez, Magali vol. 47
    Christian Inscriptions from Egypt and Nubia 1 (2013) Delattre, Alain; Dijkstra, Jitse; van der Vliet, Jacques vol. 51
    Deux papyrus coptes et une inscription grecque du Monastère Blanc Delattre, Alain vol. 50
    Deux ordres du supérieur du monastère de Baouît Delattre, Alain vol. 49
    Une lettre copte du monastère de Baouît. Réédition de P.Mich.Copt. 14 Delattre, Alain vol. 44
    Un extrait du Psaume 90 en copte: Édition de P.Duk. inv. 448 Delattre, Alain vol. 43
    Un "Notre-Père" en copte à Mèdinet Abou Delattre, Alain vol. 39
    A Declaration of Uninundated Land Delia, Diana vol. 29
    Carrying Dung in Ancient Egypt: A Contract to Perform Work for a Vineyard Delia, Diana vol. 23
    Agreement Concerning Succession to a Komarchy Delia, Diana; Haley, Evan vol. 20
    A.D. 297 as the Beginning of the First Indiction Cycle Depuydt, Leo vol. 24
    [Book Review] Kathleen McNamee, Annotations in Greek and Latin Texts from Egypt [...] Dickey, Eleanor vol. 44
    Philostratus and Pindar's Eighth Paean Dickie, M.W. vol. 34
    Philostratus and Pindar's Eighth Paean Dickie, M.W. vol. 34
    Dioscorus and the Impotence of Envy Dickie, Matthew W. vol. 30
    A New Epigram by Poseidippus on an Irritable Dead Cretan Dickie, [Matthew] W. vol. 32
    [Book Review] Christina Riggs, The Beautiful Burial in Roman Egypt: Art, Identity and Funerary Religion [...] Dijkstra, Jitse vol. 44
    [Review] Grzegorz Ochała, Chronological Systems of Christian Nubia Dijkstra, Jitse H.F. vol. 51
    [Review] Michael Sabottka, Das Serapeum in Alexandria. Untersuchungen zur Architektur und Baugeschichte des Heiligtums von der frühen ptolemäischen Zeit bis zur Zerstörung 391 n. Chr. Dijkstra, Jitse H.F. vol. 49
    [Review] Gihane Zaki, Le Premier Nome de Haute-Égypte du IIIe siècle avant J.-C. au VIIe siècle après J.-C. d’après les sources hiéroglyphiques des temples ptolémaïques et romains. Dijkstra, Jitse H.F. vol. 48
    [Review] A. Łajtar, Deir el-Bahari in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods. A Study of an Egyptian Temple Based on Greek Sources Dijkstra, Jitse H.F. vol. 46
    [Review] A.K. Bowman, R.A. Coles, N. Gonis, D. Obbink, and P.J. Parsons (eds.), Oxyrhynchus. A City and Its Texts Dijkstra, Jitse H.F. vol. 46
    New Light on the Patermouthis Archive from Excavations at Aswan. When Archaeology and Papyrology Meet Dijkstra, Jitse H.F. vol. 44
    [Book Review] Eric G. Turner, Greek Manuscripts of the Ancient World [...] Donovan, Bruce E. vol. 8
    A Homer Fragment in The Library of Congress Donovan, Bruce E. vol. 5
    Studies In The Literary Papyri Of Oxyrhynchus Donovan, Bruce M. vol. 1
    [Review] Praising Isis in Demotic Dousa, Thomas vol. 47
    The Cult of the Hero Doctor Dow, Sterling vol. 22
    Imprecations from Kourion Drew-Bear, Thomas vol. 9
    Lease of a Vineyard Dry, Shawn vol. 36
    [Book Review] Cervenka-Ehrenstrasser, Irene-Maria. Lexikon der Lateinischen Lehnwörter in den griechischsprachigen dokumentarischen Texten Ägyptens mit Berücksichtigung koptischer Quellen (Lex.Lat.Lehn.): Faszikel I (Alpha). Unter Mitarbeit von Johannes Diethart [...] Duttenhöfer, Ruth vol. 36
    Five Census Returns in the Beinecke Library Duttenhöfer, Ruth vol. 34