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    Western Thebes in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries: A Bibliographic Survey of Jême and Its Surroundings Wilfong, T.C. vol. 26
    The Westminster College Papyri Packman, Zola Marie vol. 29
    What's in a Name? Greek, Egyptian and Biblical Traditions in the Cambyses Romance Venticinque, Philip F. vol. 43
    What's in an Age? A Comparative View of Bias in the Census Returns of Roman Egypt Scheidel, Walter vol. 33
    Wililiva Rediscovered, or Fragment of a Deed of Donation Parássoglou, George M. vol. 9
    The WIll of Gaius Longinus Castor Keenan, James G. vol. 31
    William H. Willis: Bibliography vol. 22
    Withdrawal From Lease Browne, Gerald M. vol. 5
    A Woman of Property: Techosous alias Eudaimonis Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 31
    A Woman’s Unease about Her Property Garvey, Tom vol. 47
    Women, Law, and Social Realities in Late Antiquity: A Review Article Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 32
    Women's Things and Men's Things: Notes on Gender and Property at Jeme Wilfong, T.G. vol. 40
    Women without Guardians: An Updated List Sheridan, Jennifer A. vol. 33
    Word Index to BASP 43-50 van Minnen, Peter vol. 51
    A Working List of the Prefects of Egypt: 30 B.C. - 299 A.D. Reinmuth, O.W. vol. 4
    The World of P.Yadin Lewis, Naphtali vol. 28
    Writing Material for Bussinessmen Turner, E.G. vol. 15