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    P.Atheniensis 58 Musurillo, Herbert A. vol. 1
    P.Beinecke inv. 4, A New Fragment of Demosthenes Samuel, A.E. vol. 2
    P.Bodm. XXVIII: Some First Impressions Sutton, Dana Ferrin vol. 14
    P.Bon. I 33: A Republication Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 30
    P.Cair.Masp. II 67135 Keenan, James G. vol. 25
    P.Col. 1 Verso 3, Cols. 1-7 Schuman, Verne B. vol. 15
    P.Corn. inv. 127: Letter Seeking Capture and Rendition of Runaway ταρσικάριοι McConnell, Ryan E. vol. 50
    P.Duke inv. G9: Some Corrections Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 28
    P.Flor. 1.64: A Re-edition Worp, Klaas A. vol. 45
    P. Grenf. I 52 Youtie, Louise C. vol. 16
    P.Grenf. I 52: Note Farmacologiche Andorlini, Isabella vol. 18
    P.Hafn. inv. 24 (Verso) Again Sijpesteijn, P.J. ; Worp, K.A. vol. 14
    P.Haun III 47, Supplemented Youtie, [Louise] C. vol. 22
    P.Hibeb 133: A Reconsideration Browne, Gerald M. vol. 3
    P.Hibeh 154: Export of Wine Long, Timothy vol. 6
    P.Lat.Rob. inv. 1; Cic. Cat 1, 13-14 Willis, William H. vol. 1
    P. Lips. inv. 250 and 260, Two 10th/11th-Century Coptic Texts Richter, Tonio Sebastian vol. 45
    P.Lond. inv. 2506: A Reconsideration Bowman, Alan K.; Thomas, J. David vol. 14
    P.Lond.III 959 Descr.: A Receipt for Wine for the Annona Militaris Thomas, J. David vol. 22
    P.Mich inv. 439: Complaint about a Sitologos Youtie, Herbert C. vol. 16
    P.Mich. III 213: A Note Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 16
    P.Mich. inv. 1434: Receipts for Syntaximon and Beer Tax Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 19
    P. Mich. inv. 1933: Accounts of a Textile Establishment Hanson, Ann E. vol. 16
    P.Mich. inv. 33: A Fragment of a Martyrology? Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 31
    P.Mich. XVIII 760 (P.Mich. inv. 1591): A Fragment of Polybius' Homeric Geography? Williams, Mary Frances vol. 39
    P.Mil Vogl inv. 1224: Novum Testamentum, Act. 2,30-37 E 2,46-3,2 Gallazzi, Claudio vol. 19
    P.New York I Lewis, Naphtali vol. 2
    P.Oxy XVII 2100 fr.15 Luginbill, Robert D. vol. 27
    P.Oxy. 4.755 descr. – a Homeric Papyrus at Princeton (Iliad 5.130-174) Mirończuk, Andrzej vol. 50
    P.Oxy. I 37.8-9: Who Got the Contract? Worp, K.A. vol. 33
    P.Oxy. IV 708: δείγματα Found to Be ού καϑαρά and Their Implications Mayerson, Philip vol. 39
    P.Oxy. VI 846 (Amos 2, Old Greek) Reconsidered Kraft, Robert A. vol. 16
    P.Oxy. XXII 2347 Reconsidered Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 15
    P.Oxy. XXIV 2422 Revised: Report of a Collection of Meat Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 36
    P.Oxy. XXXV 2737: New Light on the Production of Old Comedy Sutton, Dana Ferrin vol. 13
    P.Princ. II 84 Revisited Bagnall, Roger S.; Worp, Klaas A. vol. 40
    P.Princeton 160 Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 10
    P.Princeton AM11224D = Iliad XXI.464-468 Kraut, Bruce H. vol. 24
    P.Princeton III 140 Re-edited Worp, K.A. vol. 24
    P.Sorb. inv. 2358 and the New Statistics on Death Certificates Brashear, William vol. 14
    P.Tebt. 2.562: Conclusion of a Report of Proceedings Coughlan, Taylor vol. 50
    P.Vars 7: Not a School Exercise Cribiore, Raffaella vol. 30
    P.Vindob G 40822 and the Shipping of Goods From India Casson, Lionel vol. 23
    P.Vindob. G 26079: A Parchment Codex Fragment of LXX Ecclesiastes 1:14-17 Blumell, Lincoln vol. 44
    P.Vindob.Boswinkel 8+9 Worp, K.A. vol. 14
    P.Vindob.G. 39756 + Bodl. MS Gr. th. f 4 [P]: Fragmente eines Codex der griechischen Petrus-Apokalypse Kraus, Thomas J. vol. 40
    P.Walton 1 (inv. No. A-1688) Witt, P.M. vol. 10
    P.Wash. Univ. inv. 217: Commentary on Iliad 9 Haslam, [Michael] W. vol. 22
    P.Wisconsin 14 Gilliam, J.F. vol. 5
    P.Yale I 73: A Republication Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 30
    P.Yale inv. 843 Oates, John F. vol. 1
    P.Yale Inventory 1729 Hobson, Deborah W. vol. 1
    Palmyrenian Irregulars at Koptos Speidel, M.P. vol. 21
    Pammachon, A New Sport Remijsen, Sofie vol. 47
    Panettieri, prestiti e Apioni Azzarello, Giuseppina vol. 45
    Papyri and Ostraka from Quseir al-Qadim Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 23
    Papyri and Ostraka from Quseir al-Qadim Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 23
    The Papyri of Xenophon's Hellenica Jackson, Donald F. vol. 6
    Papyrological Summer Institutes Reports, 2003-2006 vol. 43
    Papyrological Summer Institutes Reports, 2008-2012 vol. 51
    Papyrology and Byzantine Historiography Keenan, James G. vol. 30
    Papyrology in Belgium Preaux, Claire vol. 2
    Papyrology in England Turner, E.G. vol. 2
    Papyrology in Holland van Groningen, B.A. vol. 2
    Papyrology in Spain Galiano, M.F. vol. 2
    Papyrus Bodmer IV: The Distinction of Hands and the Date Nelson, C.A.; Raymond, Joanne L. vol. 4
    A Papyrus of Iliad III MacKay, T.W. vol. 10
    A Papyrus Tag? Litinas, Nikos vol. 39
    A Papyrus with Mathematical Problems Bakker, Marja vol. 44
    Pastoralism in Roman Egypt Keenan, James G. vol. 26
    The Patermouthis Archive: A Third Look Farber, J. Joel; Porten, Bezalel vol. 23
    Payment of a Financial Obligation from Tebtynis Nocchi Macedo, Gabriel vol. 49
    Penthemeros Certificates from the Granary C123, Karanis Claytor, W. Graham vol. 50
    Per la data di P.Golenischev della “Cronaca universale alessandrina” Cavallo, Guglielmo vol. 49
    A Personal Letter (P.Col. inv. 250) Cribiore, Raffaella vol. 27
    A Petition for New Looms Piejko, Francis vol. 23
    A Petition of A.D. 212 Lewis, Naphtali vol. 12
    A Petition of Beekeepers at Oxyrhynchus Sullivan, R.D. vol. 10
    Petition to Appoint an epitropos: A New Document from the Archive of Aurelius Adelphios Boehm, Ryan vol. 48
    A Petition to the Strategos West, Martin vol. 7
    Petitions to the Centurion: a Question of Locality? Whitehorne, John vol. 41
    Petitions to the Dioiketes? Hengstl, Joachim vol. 33
    A Petrie Papyrus and the Battle of Raphia Casson, Lionel vol. 30
    The Pharanitai in Sinai and in Egypt Mayerson, Philip vol. 47
    Philostratus and Pindar's Eighth Paean Dickie, M.W. vol. 34
    Philostratus and Pindar's Eighth Paean Dickie, M.W. vol. 34
    [Photo of Herbert Chayyim Youtie] vol. 17
    [Photo of Naphtali Lewis] vol. 15
    Planetary Motion in P. Mich. 149 Neugebauer, O. vol. 9
    [Plate] vol. 28
    [Plates] vol. 42
    [Plates] vol. 42
    [Plates] vol. 41
    [Plates] vol. 40
    [Plates] vol. 39
    [Plates] vol. 38
    [Plates] vol. 37
    [Plates] vol. 36
    [Plates] vol. 35
    [Plates] vol. 35
    [Plates] vol. 34
    [Plates] vol. 33
    [Plates] vol. 32
    [Plates] vol. 32
    [Plates] vol. 31
    [Plates] vol. 31
    [Plates] vol. 30
    [Plates] vol. 30
    [Plates] vol. 29
    [Plates] vol. 29
    [Plates] vol. 28
    [Plates] vol. 23
    [Plates] vol. 23
    A Plea for Correspondence Fulkerson, Laurel vol. 38
    Preface vol. 42
    Preface Gagos, Traianos vol. 37
    Preface Welles, C. Bradford vol. 2
    The Prefect's Conventus: Proceedings and Procedures Lewis, Naphtali vol. 18
    Private Letter Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 22
    A Private Letter of Diogenes Bayless, William N. vol. 10
    A Private Letter: P.Col. inv. 415 Jones, Lawrence vol. 24
    Privatization and Subdivision of Urban Properties in the Early Byzantine Centuries: Social and Cultural Implications Saradi, Helen vol. 35
    Privatization and Subdivision of Urban Properties in the Early Byzantine Centuries: Social and Cultural Implications Saradi, Helen vol. 35
    The Problem of Comanus Welles, C. Bradford vol. 2
    The Proper Name *Πεπορᾶς Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 29
    The "Proper Name" Καπαρ(ε)ῖς Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 28
    Property-Holdings of Liturgists in Fourth-Century Karanis Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 15
    Property Records of L. Pompeius, L.F., Tribu Pollia, Niger Parássoglou, George M. vol. 7
    Protest Against Appointment to a Liturgy Lewis, Naphtali vol. 29
    PSI 4.311: Early Evidence for “Arianism” at Oxyrhynchus? Blumell, Lincoln H. vol. 49
    Ptolema's Distress Away From Home (SB XX 14132 Revised) Gonis, N. vol. 34
    A Ptolemaic Account Jenkins, Fred W. vol. 33
    A Ptolemaic Letter at the University of Minnesota Nichipor, Walter; Ricketts, Linda vol. 18
    Ptolemaic Pigs: An Ecological Study THompson, Dorothy J. vol. 39
    Ptolemais Euergetis and the City of the Arsinoites Oates, John F. vol. 12