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    Mallocouria and Therapeuteria: Rituals of Transition in a Mixed Society? Montserrat, Dominic vol. 28
    Managing Estates in Roman Egypt: A Review Article Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 30
    Manumission in the Form of a Donatio Mortis Causa Farr, Julie vol. 30
    Marci Aurelli in Ägypten Nach der Constitutio Antoniniana Hagedorn, Dieter vol. 16
    Marriage Agreement, with Property Division to Take Effect After Death McNamee, Kathleen vol. 19
    A Marriage-Gift of Part of a Monastery from Byzantine Egypt Combs, Jason Robert vol. 48
    Masculine and Feminine: Use of the Adjectives in the Documentary Papyri Packman, Zola Marie vol. 25
    Material Culture and Texts of Graeco-Roman Egypt: Creating Context, Debating Meaning Gagos, Traianos; Gates, Jennifer; Wilburn, Andrew vol. 42
    A Medical Treatise On Remedies? P.Turner 14 Revised Leith, David vol. 44
    Mega Kankellon and Metron in Late Receipt and Expenditure Accounts Mayerson, Philip vol. 43
    The Military Occupation of Upper Egypt in the Reign of Diocletian Bowman, Alan K. vol. 15
    Mimesis, Metamorphosis and Representation in Coptic Monastic Cells Bolman, Elizabeth S. vol. 35
    Minoan Mathematics or Music? Stieglitz, Robert R. vol. 15
    The Miracle of Memnon Bowersock, G.W. vol. 21
    Missing Papyri: The Greek and Coptic Papyri in the von Scherling Papyrus Collection Worp, Klaas A.; Dekker, Renate vol. 49
    The Modius as a Grain Measure in Papyri from Egypt Mayerson, Philip vol. 43
    The Money Economy and the Ptolemaic Peasantry Samuel, Alan E. vol. 21
    Monthly Report of Sitologi Szegedy-Maszak, Andrew; Renner, Timothy T. vol. 7
    Much Ado about the Grape Harvest, A Letter from Apollonios to his Father Moss, Jennifer Sheridan vol. 45
    Mummy Labels and Ghost-Names Bingen, Jean vol. 5
    Mummy Labels from the Oriental Institute's Excavations at Medinet Habu Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 32
    The Mysterion of P.Mich. inv. 4061 Sampson, C. Michael vol. 50