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    Familienfehden in Hermupolis - Theophanes und Adelphios Jördens, Andrea vol. 45
    Family Financial Disputes in the Patermouthis Archive Farber, J. Joel vol. 27
    A Female Βονλεντής Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 24
    The Financial Prospects of Ptolemaic Oilmen Wickersham, John M. vol. 7
    First Epistle of Peter, Sahidic Text Willis, William H. vol. 1
    Five Athenian Inscriptions of the Emperor L. Septimius Severus Oikonomides, Al.N. vol. 21
    Five Census Returns in the Beinecke Library Duttenhöfer, Ruth vol. 34
    Five Giessen Papyri Schuman, Verne B. vol. 4
    Five Papyri on Fourth Century Money and Prices Bagnall, Roger S.; Worp, K.A. vol. 20
    Five Problematic Fourth-Century Pieces Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 27
    Flavius Flavianus - von Herakleoplis nach Konstantinopel? Palme, Bernhard vol. 45
    Flavius John, Scholasticus: A Note on PSI 963 Keenan, James G. vol. 9
    For Jim Keenan Hickey, Todd M. vol. 45
    For John Whitehorne van Minnen, Peter vol. 47
    Four Coptic Papyri from the Patermouthis Archive in the British Library Clackson, S.J. vol. 32
    Four New Homeric Papyri at Columbia Feinberg, Lawrence vol. 8
    Four Papyri From the Berlin Collection Nelson, C.A. vol. 32
    A Fourth-Century Receipt from the Michigan Collection Jenkins, Fred W. vol. 31
    A Fragment of a Coptic Psalter (P.Mich. inv. 582a) Browne, Gerald M. vol. 12
    Fragment of a Letter from the Reign of Augustus Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 24
    A Fragment of a Monastic Duty Roster? Montserrat, Dominic vol. 27
    A Fragment of a Severan Constitution Lewis, Naphtali vol. 6
    A Fragment of a Shorthand Commentary Feinberg, Lawrence vol. 9
    Fragment of a Will Priest, Nancy E. vol. 18
    A Fragment of Euripides' Phoenissae Feinberg, Lawrence vol. 12
    A Fragment of Homer's Iliad Bowman, Alan K. vol. 5
    A Fragment of Homer, Iliad 21 in the Newberry Library, Chicago Tovar, Sofía Torallas; Worp, Klaas A. vol. 46
    A Fragment of Nag Hammadi Codex III in the Beinecke Library: Yale Inv. 1784 Emmel, Stephen vol. 17
    Frammento Astrologico (PL II/27) Pintaudi, Rosario vol. 18
    Frammento Latino Daris, Sergio vol. 10
    Freight Charges in SB 18.13948 Worp, K.A. vol. 49
    From Logos to Myth: Egyptian Petitions of the 5th-7th Centuries Kovelman, Arkady B. vol. 28
    [Frontmatter] vol. 16
    [Frontmatter] vol. 1
    The Functions of the Alexandrian Ephebeia Certificate and the Sequence of PSI XII 1223-1225 Whitehorne, J.E.G. vol. 14
    Further Letters from the Archive of Apa Ioannes Gonis, Nikolaos vol. 45
    A Further Redating of P.Stras. 397 MacCoull, L.S.B. vol. 24