ï~~ Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 48 (2011) 61-70 Petition to Appoint an epitropos: A New Document from the Archive of Aurelius Adelphios Ryan Boehm University of California, Berkeley Abstract Edition of P.Vindob. G 15067, a petition for the appointment of a caretaker. The officials addressed include Aurelius Adelphios, gym nasiarch of Hermopolis in 321 CE, among whose papers the petition was no doubt found. Introduction1 The present document is a petition of Aurelius Harpokra- addressed to the wellknown Aurelius Adelphios, son ofAdelphios, and the other gymnasiarch(s) of Hermopolis. The petition first paraphrases (rather than quotes; note the use of the third person in 11. 4 and 5) an earlier petition, filed by a third party, but essentially making the same request as that of Aurelius Harpokra-: the appointment of an(other) epitropos (curator) to take care of the affairs of several boys, apparently because of an absence abroad (of their original epitropos?). It seems as if Aurelius Harpokra- was appointed epitropos in consequence of this earlier petition, but that he too is on his way out and is therefore himself looking for a replacement. He goes on to quote (rather than paraphrase) an earlier petition of his own, addressed to the praeses Thebaidos, introduced by sot & in line 9. Lines 10-11 may give additional details of the situation: one 'I would like to thank Klaas Worp, who commented on an earlier transcription of the text and provided me with many useful corrections and readings, and Bernhard Palme, who kindly consulted the original document in Vienna to help clarify some difficult readings. Above all I am grateful to Peter van Minnen, with whom I studied this text at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in 2008-09 and who read various subsequent drafts of this paper and provided help and encouragement at every stage of this edition. Thanks are also due to the anonymous readers of BASP, who provided many helpful suggestions and saved me from numerous errors. All remaining errors in transcription or interpretation are my own.
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