ï~~ Apprenticeship Contract for Carpentry 49 normally cg Kai or KaOW cai precedes the expression in the text, but xai cannot be read, and KaO' ijv in the preceding line suggests another elocution (as yet unattested). A horizontal elongated dash after the verb fills the gap to the margin (cf. 1. 8 above). 17 The apprenticeship contracts generally prescribe the provision of the apprentice's maintenance and clothing; cf. Bergamasco, op.cit., pp. 137-140. 21 There is a mixture of formulas here (11. 18-20 are "objective" in the third person, whereas 11. 20ff. are "subjective" in the first person), and at the beginning of 1. 21 the expression ivtog to Xpovov may have been repeated from 1. 19. 0
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