ï~~ 48 Chris Eckerman [ ca. 8 ]. [. ]c.. anTbv Tiav TeKtwvtK1\v/ 15 [Ttxvqv nrdo]av ivTelagi KaO'jv [ ca. 5 ] [ ca. 10 ].. anTbg lpoatu [ ca. 7 Tpi poyTog Kal iaict-i ovT[o]\g/ [Tbv nrac6a ] if oiang i oou[6i]ag t~ [At6d ivTbg To] v x[p6]you;TnooTndv [Tbv] 20 [Taica ovTrep OdK aTo]gTtdoo dL;T> o[o-0] [ ca.15 ].....[ca.5 ] 5 1. i46oto 11l. veo q viac 12 1. Tptxa&eKcTou 14 1. TeKTOV[K1 V 16 1. eTriaTaTat "In the twelfth year of the Imperator Caesar Trajan Hadrian Augustus, on the 5th day of the epagomenai of the month Kaisareios, in Theadelpheia of the meris of Themistos (5) of the Arsinoite nome, Didas (son of X), being about forty two years old, (with a scar)..., handed over to his nephew Y, being about twenty five years old, (with a scar) on the left..., his own (10) son Z for a period of one year from the first of the month Sebastos of the coming thirteenth year of Hadrian Caesar the lord (to teach) him fully the (15) whole craft of carpentry... as he himself knows... maintaining and clothing the boy... while it is not permitted to Didas to take the (20) boy away within the time and I will not take him away from you..." 1 6w]&K[&r]o: restored after 11. 11-12. On the restored titulature see P. Bureth, Les titulatures impiriales dans les papyrus, les ostraca et les inscriptions d'1gypte (Brussels 1964) 61-63. 3 For the supplement cf., e.g., PSI 10.1132.2. 8 The scribe stretched the horizontal bar of the final epsilon to extend to the margin. 10 Cf., e.g., PSI 3.241 for an apprenticeship lasting one year and SB 14.11982.8 for the phraseology. 14 The lacuna would have contained a reference to teaching. The common phrases c&a te a6eiv and (&e &&tnat are both plausible. On the varying syntactic ways of expressing the necessity of teaching, see the editor's remarks on P.Oslo 3.141.8 and Bergamasco, op.cit., p. 100, n. 21. 16 On the requirement that the apprentice learn the craft as well as the master, see the discussion of Bergamasco, op.cit., pp. 104-105 and 116-117;
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