ï~~ Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 48 (2011) 27-46 Two More Pages of Crosby-Schoyen Codex MS 193: A Pachomian Easter Lectionary? Albert Pietersma and Susan Comstock University of Toronto Abstract Edition of two additional pages of Crosby-Schoyen Codex MS 193. They continue the hitherto unidentified last tractate 5. Perhaps this was the conclusion of a putative Pachomian Easter lectionary. Introduction Among the unpublished Coptic papyri of the Chester Beatty Library (Dublin) is a frame containing four fragments in Sahidic, hereby assigned the designation Papyrus Chester Beatty 2026.1 With the possible exception of the fourth and smallest fragment, they are part of a single papyrus leaf of rather small dimensions, belonging to the well-known Crosby-Schoyen Codex MS 193 and, more particularly, to its fifth and final tractate, hereafter called tractate 5.2 That fragments of this codex ended up in the possession of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty need not occasion surprise, given that several other manuscripts as well, thought to belong to the Dishna discovery of 1952, are divided between ' Albert Pietersma, "Chester Beatty Papyri;" in Anchor Bible Dictionary 1: 901-903, here B.3.b.(4). The authors are grateful to the Trustees of the Chester Beatty Library for permission to publish this text and to an anonymous BASP referee for its proper identification. Also a warm thank-you to James Goehring for his generous help, not least for the relevant digital images of CS Codex MS 193. Without his kind assistance we could not have managed. 2 For the editio princeps of this codex see James E. Goehring, The Crosby-Schoyen Codex MS 193 in the Schoyen Collection (Leuven 1990). The first description of the codex is William H. Willis, "The New Collections of Papyri at the University of Mississippi,' in Proceedings of the 9th International Congress of Papyrology (Oxford 1961) 381-392. We have not succeeded in assigning any of the hitherto unidentified fragments of the codex to tractate 5. Page 46, however, contains new unidentified fragments from the Chester Beatty Library that seem to belong to CS 193. However, the only reason for including them here is to make them publicly available.
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