ï~~ Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 48 (2011) 277-282 Anne Boud'hors, James Clackson, Catherine Louis, and Petra Sij pesteijn (eds.), Monastic Estates in Late Antique and Early Islamic Egypt: Ostraca, Papyri, and Essays in Memory of Sarah Clackson (P.Clackson). American Studies in Papyrology 46. Cincinnati: Ameri can Society of Papyrologists, 2009. xxiv + 249 pages + 24 plates. ISBN 978-0-9700591-8-5. Thirteen months after the all-too-early death of Sarah Clackson, papyrologists gathered in Oxford to honor her in a symposium. The results, with additional papers, are presented in this volume. There are fifty texts (twentyfour ostraca and twenty-six papyri) in nine batches and ten essays. All texts and essays make important contributions to Coptic papyrology, and most are related to the famous monastery of Apollo at Bawit with which Sarah Clackson's name will forever be linked. In his introductory appreciation (pp. xi-xiv) Roger Bagnall sums up her life's work as "mainstreaming Coptic papyrology" (xii), and this is also the aim of the volume in her memory. Building on work in Sarah Clackson's Nachlass, Anne Boud'hors presents Bawit ostraca in the Heidelberg collection (O.Clackson 1-17, pp. 1-22) that interestingly mix Coptic- and Greek-language formulae in documenting seasonal transport of quantities of wheat and, in one case, of wine. In two texts the "Athenian artaba" is employed, an unusual measure that is also found in R Clackson 47.1 In O.Clackson 18-33 (pp. 23-48) Alain Delattre revisits the etmoulon ostraca to add to our corpus of such texts and further elucidate the grain transport in Egypt over a nine-year span; he usefully provides (pp. 40-48) a table of all known texts. In his section 3.6 (pp. 29-30) he discusses possible meanings for the term CCNe yet does not add that Vycichl, Dictionnaire dtymologique de la langue copte 190a gives Sahidic CHNC, CCNC, CCNH as meaning "[wooden chest];" which may be helpful.2 ' Right at the beginning of Boud'hors' paper occurs a difficulty that should be remarked on. For citations the volume uses the author's surname-plus-year form, with each paper being followed by a bibliography giving the works cited in this form. However, straight away on p. 1, in n. 1, we find "Delattre 2007;" which is not in the paper's bibliography. It is A. Delattre, Papyrus coptes etgrecs du monastere d'apa Apollo de Baouit (Brussels 2007). The same lack of explanation occurs in several other papers - indeed, the same error occurs in PClackson 50 on p. 127 - and should have been remedied by more thorough copyediting. 2 In n. 11 and elsewhere "Youtie and Worrell 1942" (not in the bibliography) should be O.Mich.Copt.Etmoulon.
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