ï~~ Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 48 (2011) 259-264 Adam Bilow-Jacobsen, Mons Claudianus. Ostraca graeca et latina IV The Quarry-Texts. O. Claud. 632-896. Documents de Fouilles 47. Le Caire: IFAO, 2009. VIII + 367 pages. ISBN 978-2-7247-0494-5. The fourth volume of the ostraca from Mons Claudianus (0. Claud. 4) has appeared nine years after the third (2000), while the first two volumes were published in 1992 and 1997. It contains an edition of 265 previously unpublished ostraca from the quarries. The overwhelming majority is in Greek, but there are also a few pieces in Latin. Texts of various types are included in O. Claud. 4, most of them accounts, lists, orders, and letters. All ostraca date from the second century AD. Only a few provide detailed chronological indications. The editor suggests broader datings for the rest, for instance to the Trajanic or Antonine periods, based on the archaeological context in which the ostraca were found. The edition of the texts (pp. 11-232) follows a short yet informative introduction (pp. 1-10). Each text is preceded by a brief introduction and accompanied by an apparatus, where needed, and a short commentary. It is regrettable that translations are not provided for all texts. Especially in fragmentary contexts the reader would have greatly benefitted from tentative translations. The quality of the edition is excellent and only minor criticisms can be made. In the following notes, I suggest corrections to some of the texts: 647.3: Epyo66Tat -> ipyo66T(at); abbreviated in the same way as Tg pqT(al) at 1. 9. 696.2: ] cpv a6vovvT() i -> probably [-- - i] C~v a6OvoivT((g) i ("of whom 8 [were] ill"); cf., e.g., 708.2 and 27. 708.3 and 714.2: TE oEpdptc -> TGaaapdptc; cf. 722.1: Teaaapdp(tc). 715.10: otaTwvdptot - -taTwvdpto(t) and 14: nTayav(Cv) - nTayavC(v) (obviously misprints; cf. app.crit. ad loc.). 717.7: Aiyntp -> AiyvrnTwt. 717.14: Kc seems more probable to me than xÂ~. 723: A line containing the entry dptox6rcot(g) Phas been omitted between 11.30 (axonlXd pto[ P) and 31 (KEXXotg p1t(al) y) in the transcription. The word dptoK6nTog, which is attested also in other ostraca from Mons Claudianus (e.g. on 722.23 and 853.36 of the present volume), should be added to the index of the volume. 724.1: KaT' v~pa - KaT' v6(pa). 725.3: ctp adptot - ctp attdpt'ot' and evaqTa -) pvaqT(al). 749.1-2: The first two lines of this ostracon are transcribed in the edition as follows: trace I 5noxd[To. The "trace" at 1. 1 is in fact the T of onoxdto, which is written above the line (between o and x) in order to mark the abbrevia
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