ï~~ The Dossier of Flavia Anastasia 107 Evatn6ypaog antis yeopy6g. ircetirncp [Â~1].[ 3 rcaxrtac, evoes 4 ivo, 5 Xaovia, cv6ooo IXXovcTtpta 6 ev6o /o 8 ovpvyX'), pXs 10 vioc 11 t of W(otKa < 1, ovpvyx') 12 i3eTepac v6o /o "... Augustus and imperator, year 8, in the consulship of our same most pious lord, year 7, Pharmouthi 21, indiction 8. To Flavia Anastasia, the most glorious illoustria, daughter of Menas, son of Eudaimon, of glorious memory, landholder here in the splendid city of the Oxyrhynchites, through you, Flavius Phoibammon, spectabilis comes and her dioiketes, from Aurelius Kelouch, son of Phoibammon, his mother being Maura, from the epoikion Zoila of the Oxyrhynchite nome, a possession of your glory, your registered agriculturalist. Since..." 10 For the name Kelouch, see (only) POxy. 19.2244.33. The final chi, though damaged, is identical to the chi in yeooXosan (1. 7).
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