ï~~ Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 48 (2011) 99-112 The Dossier of Flavia Anastasia, Part One: Document Prescripts T.M. Hickey and Brendan J. Haug University of California, Berkeley Abstract Six document prescripts are the first installment in the serial publica tion of the dossier of Flavia Anastasia, an Oxyrhynchite landholder attested in the last quarter of the sixth century. What follows is the first installment in the serial publication of the dossier of Flavia Anastasia, an Oxyrhynchite landholder whosefloruit was the last quarter of the sixth century. This edition of the Anastasia papyri is organized by document type. Six prescripts are presented here; future parts will concern sureties, receipts for irrigation machinery, other receipts, leases and loans, accounts, and varia. The series will conclude with a synthetic essay - exploring, inter alia, the contribution of this middling landholder's dossier to the Apiondominated historiography of the late antique Oxyrhynchite - as well as indices and a master list of addenda and corrigenda.1 The Anastasia dossier has been known since the early part of the twentieth century (1910), but its publication has been plagued by delays. Certainly the fragmentary nature of the material itself has contributed to these, and one objective of this serial publication is to "flush out" any unknown parts of the dossier. Its recognized components are scattered between Giessen (which holds the bulk of the identified unpublished material), Erlangen, Oxford, New York (Columbia University), and Ann Arbor (University of Michigan); a piece in Leuven was destroyed in the Second World War (May 1940). The follow 1 To the memory of l'abbe Joseph van Haelst. Hickeythanks Prof. Dr. Manfred Landfester for his permission to publish the Giessen portion of the dossier and for the warm hospitality (and outstanding working conditions) that he enjoyed when he studied the originals in 1998 and 2006. Both authors are grateful to this journal's referees and editors for their comments on the manuscript. The photographs appear courtesy of the Universitatsbibliothek Giessen. The image of P.bibl.univ.Giss. inv. 55 is a composite of high-resolution "tiles" made by Hickey in 2006, which was then enhanced for legibility in Adobe Photoshop CS4.
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