ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 47 (2010) 7 For John Whitehorne Some time ago John Whitehorne notified us of his wish to have his retirement from the editorial board of BASP coincide with that from the University of Queensland. Now that this moment has come we want to take leave of him in an appropriate fashion with the largest issue of BASP ever and to thank him for all the work he has put into the journal over the years. John joined the editorial board as a co-editor in 1995 and has been an enormously helpful voice from "down under" for three successive editors (Terry Wilfong, Traianos Gagos, whose In Memoriam sadly follows this editorial, and the undersigned) in charge of BASP. John has also been a consistent contributor to the journal. From 1975 until 2009 I count seven articles and nine reviews. Some of his contributions to BASP are "classics" (e.g., "The Ephebate and the Gymnasial Class in Roman Egypt," BASP 19, 1982, 171-184, and "Petitions to the Centurion: A Question of Locality?" BASP 41, 2004, 155-169). John will have lots of time from now on, so we can expect more from his hand in the future. The American Society of Papyrologists is glad to have found an able successor for John in Jitse Dijkstra, Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. Peter van Minnen
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