ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 46 (2009) 145-150 Notes on Papyri Under this heading we want to start on ongoing series of brief notes on individual texts or Lesefrichte, a critically important category of papyrological contributions. These have been familiar to readers of BASP almost from the beginning: Not'a-ra Xeyovroc and Notationes legentis (both N. Lewis), Chronological Notes on Byzantine Documents (R.S. Bagnall and K.A. Worp), Notes on Old Nubian (G.M. Browne), and Notes on Egyptian Census Declarations (R.S. Bagnall), to mention only those that have appeared in serial form in the past, often as a by-product of monographs-in-progress. No doubt miscellaneous observations will continue to be made by readers of papyrological texts, and BASP welcomes such observations for inclusion here, especially if they are too brief to stand on their own as articles.
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