ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 44 (2007) 27-40 Three Unpublished Documents from the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library George Bevan Queen's University Abstract An edition and commentary of three Greek papyri in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto: PFay. 155, RFay. 307, and ROxy. 3.637. All were described briefly by Grenfell and Hunt but not published in full. The following three Greek papyri, now housed in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto, were originally acquired through an Egypt Exploration Fund subscription by Victoria University (Toronto, Canada).' Since 1979 all of the pieces have been put on permanent loan from Victoria to the Fisher Library.2 Although most of the material in this small collection has been published in RFay., ROxy. or RHibeh, there remain a handful of Fayyum and Oxyrhynchus documents that were described by Grenfell and Hunt but not published in full. In addition to these earliest descripta, further descriptions of all three documents were made by Frank Beare at Victoria University, and by M.M. Sadek in a 1966 MA thesis written under the direction of Prof. Fritz Heichelheim.3 Sadek had access to Grenfell and Hunt's early transcriptions of the documents, and usefully included reproductions of them in the text of the thesis. 'I would like to thank Alexander Jones and Rodney Ast for their help with this paper. Anne Dondertman and Linda Joy ofthe Fisher Library have also been ofgreat assistance in provding images and access to the papyri themselves. Finally, I am especially grateful to the anonymous readers of BASP for saving me from numerous (novice) errors and oversights. All dates are AD unless otherwise stated. 2 The EES subscription was arranged by C.T. Currelly, N. Burwash (principal of Victoria University), and G.W. Burwash (a classmate of Currelly's at Toronto). Through the efforts of Rodney Ast, all of these documents in the Fisher Library have been digitized and their images put on APIS along with revised and updated descriptions. 3 M.M. Sadek, A Descriptive Catalogue of Greek Papyri in Victoria University and University of Toronto Libraries (MA thesis, University of Toronto 1966).
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