ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 44 (2007) 235-238 Sandra Lippert and Maren Schentuleit, Ostraka. Demotische Dokumente aus Dime 1. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2006. viii + 174 pages + 50 plates. ISBN 3-447-05350-X. Sandra Lippert and Maren Schentuleit, Quittungen. Demotische Dokument aus Dime 2. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2006. viii + 283 pages + 46 plates. ISBN 3-447-05351-8. These two volumes are the first of a series edited by Karl-Theodor Zauzich, who has initiated a project entitled: "Soknopaiu Nesos nach den demotischen Quellen romischer Zeit." Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, this multi-year project has as its primary goal the publication of hitherto unedited Demotic texts from this famous site (here referred to as Dime).' Although large numbers of Greek documents are known from Dime, relatively few Demotic texts have been published over the years.2 The main reason behind the lamentable publication record is that the script of the documents from Dime is famously horrendous. Few but Zauzich have worked extensively on this material.3 It is therefore fortunate that Zauzich has established a project and enlisted the help of Sandra Lippert and Maren Schentuleit who have, consequently, also become specialists in the Dime documents. As the two researchers of this project, Lippert and Schentuleit have been steadily working through the texts. Clearly, a collaborative endeavor is optimal in dealing with such a corpus. The deep experience of the authors in editing Demotic texts is reflected in the excellent format and physical layout of both volumes. They have devoted much care to the presentation, with the parallel columns of transliteration and translation. Particular attention has also been given to the illustrations. Where necessary two photographs are offered so that the curved surface of the ostracon can be properly documented and read. Similarly, fold-out photographs in the second volume on Quittungen expedite the study of the papyri. Both volumes have complete glossaries, concordances, subject indices (often missing in text editions), and chronological overviews. The volumes also include 1 While most of the texts appear in these volumes for the first time, there are several re-editions of texts published by other scholars. 2 An excellent overview in A. J6rdens, "Griechische Papyri in Soknopaiu Nesos," in S. Lippert and M. Schentuleit (eds.), Tebtynis und Soknopaiu Nesos: Leben im romerzeitlichen Fajum (Wiesbaden 2005) 41-56. See also S. Pernigotti, Soknopaiou Nesos (Imola 2006), and now various contributions to S. Lippert and M. Schentuleit (eds.), Graeco-Roman Fayum - Texts and Archaeology (Wiesbaden 2008). 3 One should mention W. Spiegelberg, F.Ll. Griffith, and E. Bresciani among such brave souls. Recently A.G. Migahid has been actively working on texts from Dime.
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