ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 44 (2007) 125-134 A Medical Treatise On Remedies? PR Turner 14 Revised' David Leith University College London Abstract P Turner 14 preserves a fragment of a Greek medical text in questionand-answer format dated to the later second century AD. This paper offers some new supplements to the text, and, in the light of these, a re-interpretation of its subject matter and medical genre, as well as some observations on the possible doctrines which may have influenced it. Among the growing number of published medical texts in question-andanswer format,2 a particularly interesting example is furnished by P Turner 14 (= P.Mich. inv. 6657 = MP3 2340.1), first edited by L.C. and H.C. Youtie in the volume of papyri published in honour of Sir Eric G. Turner.3 This text has been variously described in catalogues of medical papyri as "'un questionnaire relatif aux proprietes medicinales de l'huile d'olive et au moment le plus oppor1 I am very grateful to Anastasia Maravela-Solbakk for her helpful comments and criticisms on an earlier draft, and to the anonymous reader, who improved this paper on a number of points. 2 For medical texts in question-and-answer format on papyrus in general, see especially A.M. leraci Bio, "L'erotapokrisis nella letteratura medica" in C. Moreschini (ed.), Esegesi, parafrasi e compilazione in etd tardoantica (Napoli 1995) 187-207; I. Andorlini, "Testi medici per la scuola: raccolte di definizioni e questionari nei papiri" in A. Garzya and J. Jouanna (eds.), I testi medici greci: tradizione e ecdotica (Napoli 1999) 7-15; A.E. Hanson, "Text and Context in Papyrus Catechisms on Afflictions of the Head," in A. Garzya and J. Jouanna (eds.), Trasmissione e ecdotica dei testi medici greci (Napoli 2003) 199-217. 3 H.C. Youtie & L.C. Youtie, "A Medical Catechism," in Papyri Greek and Egyptian, Edited by Various Hands in Honour of Eric Gardner Turner on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday (P Turner) (London 1981) 72-74 and pl. VI.
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