CHRONOLOGICAL NOTES ON BYZANTINE DOCUMENTS VIII1 85. "New Style" Reckoning in the Later Sixth Century In an important article2 E. Stein identified a "style nouveau" employed under Justinus II, whereby in some contexts the actual year of the emperor's consulate is numbered as year 1 ETT& T~v ObncTEcav or post consulatum, "after the consulate," whereas before this time (and still in many texts of this time), the yearafter the consulate was usually numbered "one," i.e. the first post-consular year. This "style nouveau" is found already under Justinian, in the count of the postconsular years of Fl. Basilius, but our inquiry in the present case is limited to Justinus II and later reigns. To put things in tabular form, the difference between "old" and "new" styles is as follows: Orthodox count "New Style" count 566 cos. Justinus p.c. Justinus, year 1 567 p.c. Justinus, year 1 p.c. Justinus, year 2 568 p.c. Justinus, year 2 p.c. Justinus, year 3 What is peculiar about "new style" is obviously that it combines reference to postconsulate with a numbering which takes its start not from the year after the consulate but from the year of the consulate itself. This type of numbering from the start of the consulate we will refer to as "consular." Stein cited (320-21, nn. 4 and 5) three examples from the papyri among his documentation, which also includes inscriptions, for the New Style: BGU III 838, PSI III 243, and P.oxy. VII 1042. No more have been found from this reign since he wrote. "New Style" in these three cases, it should be emphasized, consists of the consular count coupled with the phrase 1 For the purpose of this series and the abbreviations used, see BASP 15 (1978) 233. 2 "Post-consulat et AYTOKPATOPIA," Melanges Bidez (Bruxelles 1934) 869-912 = Opera Minora Selecta (Amsterdam 1968) 315-58. We cite according to the pages of the latter edition. 33
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