156 JAMES R. ROYSE and some of the page numbers are legible. with the contents3 and pagination, are: P.Oxy. IX 1173 f.1v-r Leg All I 56-58/58-60 f.2v-r Quod Det (blank)/51-52 f.3r-v Quod Det 53-55/56-57 f.5v-r Ebr 8-11/11-13 f.6r-v Ebr 14/17-18 f.7r-v Ebr 219-221/221-223 f.9v-r Sacr 31-32/32 P.Oxy. XI 1356 f.4r-v unidentified f.8v-r Post 37-40/40-44 f.10 unidentified f.11v-r Leg All II 77/79 Fr.1 unidentified Fr.2r-v Leg All II 37-38/40-41 Fr.3r-v Sacr 42-43/45 PSI XI 1207 f.lv-r Ebr 223/Post 1 f.2r-v Post 31-32/34 P.Oxy. XVIII 2158 Fr.1 unidentified Fr.2 unidentified The published remains, o[a/o]l (71/72) o-[t8]/o-tE (214/215) oo-r/o-o0 (278/279) pf38/py (192/193) o'crr/oca (280/281) o7rrr)/o-r0 (288/289) P. Haun. 8 f.1v-r f.2r-v unidentified Ebr 1-4/4-8 (blank)/o-ty (212/213) Additional information is provided by the fact that among these remains are four double folios: P.Oxy. f.4 and f.5; P.Oxy. f.7 and f.8; PSI f.1 and f.2; and P.Haun. f.1 and f.2. It is evident from 3 The identification of P.Oxy. XI 1356 f.8, f.11, Fr.2, and Fr.3, was made by W.G. Waddell, "On the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus of Philo (P.Oxy. IX, 1173; XI, 1356), "Etudes de Papyrologie 1 (1932) 1-6. Waddell also gives the correct location of P.Oxy. 1173 f.9; Hunt (inexplicably followed by van Haelst) assigned it to De mercede meretricis (see Philonis opera, vol. I, LXXXVII-LXXXVIII on this "work" of Philo).
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