Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 17.1-2 (1980) 5-18 CHRONOLOGICAL NOTES ON BYZANTINE DOCUMENTS, IV' 36. BGU II 539 and 608 It was noted in CSBE 34 n.10 that almost all known examples of indictions numbered 16 belonged to the beginning either of the second (327-342) or third (342-357) cycles of indictions, being equivalent to the first indiction of the new cycle in the latter case (342/3), which accounted for most of the instances. Only BG U IV 1092 belongs to the cycle of 372. One exception to the pattern of fourth-century distribution was noted, BGU II 539, a list of payments and arrears of wheat taxes dated by the editor "aus arabischer Zeit." This remarkable exception to the normal pattern awakens suspicion of itself. The suspicion is increased when one notices that BGUII 608, also dated "aus arabischer Zeit,"is stated by Krebs to be in the same hand as 539. BG U608, however, is a list of men from the village of Karanis (in i. 1, the restoration fp4vt]wov [1. ppiovtov] &v6p(r(v) imposes itself in spite of BL I 56), presumably detailed for some liturgical duty. Now it is well-known that the last century to produce any quantity of Karanidian documents is the fourth; and P.Haun.inv. 318, of A.D. 439, is the last known text from the village. A text from the Arab period from Karanis, therefore, is unlikely; and the names which one finds in the two BGU texts are strongly reminiscent of the nomenclature of the fourthcentury papyri from Karanis. Scarcely any of them, in fact, can be found in papyri of the seventh and eighth centuries. We suggest, therefore, that both texts are to be dated to the fourth century, and in all probability to ca 342. 1 For the purpose of this series, see BASP 15 (1978) 233. Besides standard abbreviations, we cite our own works by the following: CSBE = Chronological Systems of Byzantine Egypt (Stud.Amst. 8, Zutphen 1978); RFBE = Regnal Formulas in Byzantine Egypt (BASP Suppl. 2, Missoula 1979); CNBD = "Chronological Notes on Byzantine Documents" (the present series of notes), in BASP 15 (1978) and following. Copyright ~1980 by the American Society of Papyrologists
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