The close to 500 documents in the Hamparzoum Arzoumanian Archives in the Special Collections of the University of Michigan span the years between 1896 and 1910. These documents vary from 1 to 14 pages in length, and are very diverse in character. They include family documents such as travel documents, birth, marriage, naturalization and death certificates; in memoriam notices, photographs, postcards, personal correspondence and correspondence with members of the Hunchakian Party; circulars and communiques of the party, newspapers and newspaper clippings, and other printed matter.


Taken as a whole, the different components of the collection provide a sequence of events and dramatic circumstances in Hamparzoum Arzoumanian's personal and political life that begin in the historically Armenian city of Gandzak in Karabagh, or present day Ganja in Azerbaijan, through Persia, Russia, Europe, Canada and end in America in January 1909.