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Clothes Make the Man Micklewright, Nancy Article PDF (5.6mb)
Religious Belief in Burial: Funerary Dress and Practice at the Late Antique and Early Islamic Cemeteries at Matmar and Mostagedda, Egypt (Late Fourth-Early Ninth Centuries CE) Pleşa, Alexandra D. Article PDF (10.5mb)
Inscribed Horizontal Bands on Two Cloth-of-Gold Panels and Their Function as Part of an Īlkḫānid Dress Mühlemann, Corinne Article PDF (29.2mb)
Early Modern European Court Fashion Goes Global: Embroidered Spanish Capes from Bengal Karl, Barbara Article PDF (6.3mb)
The Emperor's Humbler Clothes: Textures of Courtly Dress in Seventeenth-century South Asia Houghteling, Sylvia Article PDF (18.8mb)
Sartorial Identity: Early Modern Japanese Textile Patterns and the Afterlife of Ogata Kōrin Feltens, Frank Article PDF (29.6mb)
Lord Byron (1788-1824) in Albanian Dress: A Sartorial Response to the Ottoman Empire Scarce, Jennifer M. Article PDF (35.4mb)
You Are What You Wear: Ottoman Costume Portraits in the Elbise-i Osmaniyye Nolan, Erin Hyde Article PDF (15.2mb)
From Costume to Fashion: Visions of Chinese Modernity in Vogue Magazine, 1892-1943 Chan, Heather Article PDF (6.3mb)
Reading "Imperial Desire and Female Subjectivity": Critical Notes Adriasola, Ignacio Article PDF (460kb)
Imperial Desire and Female Subjectivity: Umehara Ryūzaburō's Kunyan Series Ikeda, Shinobu; Adriasola, Ignacio Article PDF (18.6mb)
Adorning the Buddhas: The Ceremonial Regalia of the Daśa Sthavira Ājus from Kwā Bahā, Nepal Brown, Kerry Lucinda Article PDF (30.1mb)
Omani Men's National Dress: Displaying Personal Taste, Asserting National Identity Martinez, Aisa Article PDF (18.7mb)
Digital Initiatives Digital Initiatives
An Essential Resource: The Berg Fashion Library Camerlengo, Laura L. Digital Initiatives
Exploring Global Fashion: Google Cultural Institute's "We Wear Culture" Project Dimmig, Ashley Digital Initiatives