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01 A Tribute to Prof. Manuel González Sierra PDF
02 A Tribute to Prof. Rita H. de Rossi PDF
03 A Tribute to Prof. Oscar Santiago Giordano PDF
04 A Tribute to Prof. Julio César Podestá PDF
05 Kinetics and mechanism of the reactions of methyl 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl carbonate with anilines Enrique A. Castro; Margarita E. Aliaga; Jose G. Santos PDF
06 Microwave-assisted asymmetric Diels-Alder reaction using chiral auxiliaries derived from biomass Ariel M. Sarotti; Rolando A. Spanevello; Alejandra G. Suárez PDF
07 Improved synthesis of phytanyl α-D-cellobiosyldiphosphate as substrate for α-D-mannosyltransferase Pablo Barrios; Luis Ielpi; Carla Marino PDF
08 Isolation, synthesis and complement inhibiting activity of the naturally occurring K-76, its analogues and derivatives Enrique L. Larghi; Teodoro S. Kaufman PDF
09 Solid-state structures and thermal properties of inclusion complexes of the phenylurea herbicide cycluron with permethylated cyclodextrins Mino R. Caira; Dyanne L. Cruickshank; Susan A. Bourne PDF
10 Enantioselective alkylation of β-keto esters promoted by dimeric Cinchona-derived ammonium salts as recoverable organocatalysts Silvia Tarí; Rafael Chinchilla; Carmen Nájera; Miguel Yus PDF
11 Enantioselective reduction of prochiral aryl ketones using a novel chiral auxiliary derived from a labdane diterpene Diego A. Cifuente; Carlos E. Tonn PDF
12 Topiramate heterocyclic analogues: synthesis and spectroscopic characterization Norma Beatriz D'Accorso; Miriam Amelia Martins Alho PDF
13 Synthesis and antifungal activity of N-aryl-N-benzylamines and of their homoallyl analogues Francisco M. Garibotto; Maximiliano A. Sortino; Vladimir V. Kouznetsov; Ricardo D. Enriz; Susana A. Zacchino PDF
14 Structural characterization of strained oxacycles by 13C NMR spectroscopy Martín J. Riveira; Agustina La-Venia; Mirta P. Mischne PDF
15 Biotransformation of dihydrocoumarin by Aspergillus niger ATCC 11394 Celeste B. Aguirre-Pranzoni; Gabriela I. Furque; Carlos E. Ardanaz; Adriana Pacciaroni; Virginia Sosa; Carlos E. Tonn; Marcela Kurina-Sanz PDF
16 Usage of α-picoline borane for the reductive amination of carbohydrates Vanina A. Cosenza; Diego A. Navarro; Carlos A. Stortz PDF
17 Bicyclic allyltin derivatives through selective “one pot” hydrostannation - Diels-Alder reaction Romina A. Ocampo; Sandra D. Mandolesi; Liliana C. Koll PDF
18 Two-step synthesis of di- and tristannylarenes from anilines via an SRN1 mechanism Gustavo F. Silbestri; María T. Lockhart; Alicia B. Chopa PDF
19 Exploring the functional space of thiiranes as gelatinase inhibitors using click chemistry Sebastian A. Testero; Leticia I. Llarrull; Jed F. Fisher; Mayland Chang; Shahriar Mobashery PDF
20 A convenient synthesis of hexulosonic acids by IBX mediated oxidation of D-glucono-1,5-lactone derivatives Adriana A. Kolender; Sol C. Parajón Puenzo; Oscar Varela PDF
21 Substitution reactions between arenethiolate anions and 1,3-dihalo-2,2-dimethylpropanes. Synthetic scope and mechanistic aspects Alicia Beatriz Peñéñory; Cecilia Andrea Barrionuevo; Juan Elias Argüello PDF
22 Synthesis of oseltamivir conjugates with lactose analogs for inhibition studies on Trypanosoma cruzi trans-sialidase M. Eugenia Giorgi; Damian Piuselli; Rosalia Agusti; Rosa M. de Lederkremer PDF
23 Catalysis of the ethanolysis of N-methyl-N-nitroso-p-toluenesulfonamide by alkali metal ions Luis Garcia-Rio; Maria Luz Raposo-Barreiro; Pedro Rodriguez-Dafonte PDF
24 Bent-shaped liquid crystal dimers. Influence of the direction of the oxybiphenylenecarboxyl groups on their mesomorphic behavior Claudia M. Hegguilustoy; Rosana S. Montani; María B. Darda; Pablo G. Del Rosso; Raúl O. Garay PDF
25 Parallel solution synthesis of lavendustin analogs as antileishmanial agents Diego G. Ghiano; Paulo B. Carvalho; Babu L. Tekwani; Mitchell A. Avery; Guillermo Labadie PDF
26 Reductive coupling of carbonyl compounds promoted by cobalt or titanium nanoparticles Fabiana Nador; Evangelina Mascaró; Melisa Castro; Cristian Vitale; Gabriel Radivoy PDF
27 Properties and antioxidant activity of water-soluble iron catalysts with Schiff base ligands. Comparison with their manganese counterparts Verónica A. Daier; Claudia M. Palopoli; Christelle Hureau; Ariel De Candia; Sandra R. Signorella PDF
28 Evaluation of the use of mandelate derivatives to determine the enantiomeric purity and the absolute configuration of secondary cyclohexenols Ariel M. Sarotti; Pablo L. Pisano; Silvina C. Pellegrinet PDF
29 Attempted synthesis of 2-oxo-N-phenyltetracyclo[,6.05,11]-dodecane-9,10-dicarboximide by intramolecular α-ketocarbene insertion into an unactivated C-H bond Pelayo Camps; José A. Fernández; Santiago Vázquez; Mercè Font-Bardia; Xavier Solans PDF
30 Binding of o-nitroaniline to nonaqueous AOT reverse micelles R. Dario Falcone; Juana J. Silber; M. Alicia Biasutti; N. Mariano Correa PDF
31 Barbier allylation of aldehydes and ketones with aluminiumand catalytic indium metal: an economical alternative Marcelo D. Preite; Hugo A. Jorquera-Geroldi; Andrés Pérez-Carvajal PDF
32 Synthesis of ε-oxo acids by photostimulated reactions of 2-(2-iodophenyl)acetate ion with carbanions by the SRN1 mechanism. Synthesis of novel 3-benzazepin-2-ones Javier F. Guastavino; María E. Budén; Carolina S. García; Roberto A. Rossi PDF
33 Hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde with heterogeneous catalyst in the presence of cyclodextrins Mohamad Jahjah; Benoit Caron; Stéphane Menuel; Eric Monflier; Laurent Djakovitch; Catherine Pinel PDF
34 A physical organic chemistry approach to dissolution of cellulose: effects of cellulose mercerization on its properties and on the kinetics of its decrystallization Ludmila A. Ramos; Daniella L. Morgado; Fergus Gessner; Elisabete Frollini; Omar A. El Seoud PDF
35 Synthesis and characterization of thermo-sensitive magnetic maghemite nanoparticles Ariel L. Cappelletti; Julieta I. Paez; Miriam C. Strumia PDF
36 Supramolecular analytical chemistry: spectrofluorimetric determination of 6-hydroxymelatonin with hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin A. Guillermo Bracamonte; Guadalupe G. Miñambres; Alicia V. Veglia PDF
37 Acylphloroglucinols from the fern Elaphoglossum lindbergii Cecilia Socolsky; Elena Cartagena; Yoshinori Asakawa; Alicia Bardón PDF
38 The reaction of hydroxylamine with aspirin Michelle Medeiros; Bruno S. Souza; Elisa S. Orth; Tiago A.S. Brandão; Willian Rocha; Anthony J. Kirby; Faruk Nome PDF
39 Simplified tricycle model of quassinoids with in vitro antiparasitic activity Maria Fernanda Plano; Guillermo Roberto Labadie; Babu L. Tekwani; Raquel Maria Cravero PDF
40 Micellar rate effects-assumptions and approximations Clifford A. Bunton PDF