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01 A Tribute to Prof. William F. Bailey PDF
02 Microwave spectroscopy and characterization of the helical conformer of perfluorohexane Robert K Bohn; Joseph A. Fournier; Congtin L. Phan PDF
03 Isoprene-mediated lithiation of imidazole derivatives. Mechanism considerations Miguel Yus; Albert Guijarro; Rosario Torregrosa; Itziar Peñafiel; Isidro M. Pastor; Carmen Nájera PDF
04 Oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols by 4-acetylamino-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxoammonium tetrafluoroborate in aqueous media Matthew R. Luderer; Audrey N. Mamros; Phillip R. Sharrow; William E. Weller; Mark R. Luderer; Justin D. Fair; Kristina O. Pazehoski PDF
05 Synthesis of cycloheptanoid natural products via tandem 5-exo cyclization/Claisen rearrangement process Timo V. Ovaska PDF
06 A comparison of some properties of C=O and C=S bonds Kenneth B. Wiberg; Yigui Wang PDF
07 Organolithium or Heck type cyclization of N-ortho-iodobenzyl-2-alkenylpyrrolidines to give indolizidines Oihane Garcia-Calvo; Nuria Sotomayor; Esther Lete; Iain Coldham PDF
08 Oxidative rearrangement of alkyl aryl /heteroaryl ketones by 1,2-aryl/heteroaryl shift using iodic acid Krishnacharya G. Akamnachi; Sameerana N. Huddar; Swapnil S. Deshmukh PDF
09 Cascade carbopalladation-annulation approach toward polycylic derivatives of indole and indolizine Vladimir Gevorgyan; Natalia Chernyak; David Tilly; Zhou Li PDF
10 Tandem cyclization and acetalization of a homologated D-glucose delivers D-glycero-D-guloseptanosides Mark W. Peczuh; Ron R. Ramsubhag PDF
11 Reactivity of allyl anions of allylphosphine-boranes towards electrophiles Marek Stankevic; Kazimierz Michał Pietrusiewicz; Marcin Siek PDF
12 Probing the energy efficiency of microwave heating and continuous-flow conventional heating as tools for organic chemistry Nicholas E. Leadbeater; William G Devine PDF
13 Natural feedstocks for diversity-oriented synthesis: Macrolide-like scaffolds from nonactate Dennis Wright; Yuliya G Sumskaya; Stephen C Bergmeier; Mark C McMills; Nigel D Priestley PDF
14 Formal synthesis of the bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid berbamunine by asymmetric substitution of chiral organolithium compounds Bob Gawley; Robert E. Gawley; Gregory A. Smith PDF
15 Application of 6Li diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy (DOSY) to confirming the solution structure of n-butyllithium Paul G. Williard; Weibin Li; Gerald Kagan; Russell Hopson PDF
16 The reactions of 4-chloro-2-butanol and 3-chloro-1-butanol with aqueous sodium hydroxide, and 1-chloro-2-propanol, and 2-chloro-1-propanol with isopropyl amine Kalevi Pihlaja; Kari Aaljoki; Maija-Riitta Lyytinen; Marja-Liisa Huusko; Marjut Hotokka PDF
17 NMR studies of chiral lithium amides with phosphine chelating groups reveal strong Li-P-interactions in ethereal solvents Göran Hilmersson; Petra Rönnholm PDF
18 Convenient dicarboxylation of ortho-terphenyl E-Joon Choi; Kyung Min Park; Edward Thaddeus Samulski PDF
19 Investigation of bispidines as the stoichiometric ligand in the two-ligand catalytic asymmetric deprotonation of N-boc pyrrolidine Graeme Barker; Peter O’Brien; Kevin R. Campos PDF
20 Synthesis of amines by the electrophilic amination of organomagnesium, -zinc, -copper, and -lithium reagents Tahir Daşkapan PDF