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01 Highly efficient neat synthesis of xanthenediones and acridinediones Ye-Bing Shen; Guan-Wu Wang PDF
02 Synthesis and oxidative cyclization of 2-arylhydrazono-2-cyanoacetamidines to 2-aryl-2H-1,2,3-triazol-5-amines Natalia P. Bel’skaya; Marina A. Demina; Svetlana G. Sapognikova; Zhi-Jin Fan; Hai-Ke Zhang; Wim Dehaen; Vasiliy A. Bakulev PDF
03 Hypervalent iodine-promoted aminobromination of electron-deficient olefins with Bromamine-T Jing-Jing Xia; Xue-Liang Wu; Guan-Wu Wang PDF
04 The synthesis and spectral investigation of new thiosubstituted butadienes and butenynes Cemil Ibis; Sibel Sahinler Ayla PDF
05 Correlation of blood-brain penetration and human serum albumin binding with theoretical descriptors Mati Karelson; Dimitar Dobchev; Tarmo Tamm; Indrek Tulp; Jaak Jänes; Kaido Tämm; Andre Lomaka; Deniss Savchenko; Gunnar Karelson PDF
06 Ionic liquid-accelerated Michael addition of pyrimidine and purine nucleobases to α,β-unsaturated esters: a rapid approach to carboacyclic nucleosides synthesis Abdolkarim Zare; Alireza Hasaninejad; Roholla Safinejad; Ahmad Reza Moosavi- Zare; Ali Khalafi-Nezhad; Mohammad Hassan Beyzavi; Mojtaba Miralai-Moredi; Esmail Dehghani; Parvin Kazerooni-Mojarrad PDF
07 Synthesis of new trifluoromethyl-containing cycloalka[b]quinolines derivated from alkoxycycloalkenes Helio Gauze Bonacorso; Tatiana Soldati de Moraes; Nilo Zanatta; Marcos Antonio Pinto Martins; Alex Fabiani Claro Flores PDF
08 Chiral monophorous ligands derived from BINOL for asymmetric hydrogenation of α-dehydroamino acid derivatives Meng Yang; Xin-Bin Yang; Xiao-Qi Yu PDF
09 Solid-phase synthesis of 3-hydroxy-2-methylenealkanenitriles using polymer-supported α-selenopropionitrile Qiao-Sheng Hu; Shou-Ri Sheng; Shui-Ping Huang; Min Lin; Ming-Zhong Cai PDF
10 Synthesis and insecticidal activity of N-cyano 2-(substituted amino) ethyl methyl sulfoximine derivatives Haibo Yu; Zhenfang Qin; Hong Dai; Xin Zhang; Xue Qin; Tingting Wang; Jianxin Fang PDF
11 Highly diastereoselective titanium(II)-mediated cyclizations of 1,7-(silyloxy)enynes Nicole M. Barbour; Andrew J. Phillips PDF
12 Carboxamido-substituted imidazoles from 1,2,3-tricarbonyl derivatives and acetamido-substituted thiazoles from 4-bromo-3-oxo-butanenitriles Michal Weitman; Abraham Nudelman PDF
13 Comparative studies of the Pschorr reaction in the pyrazole series. Access to the new dibenzo[e,g]pyrazolo[1,5-a][1,3]diazocine system of pharmaceutical interest Benedetta Maggio; Demetrio Raffa; Maria V. Raimondi; Stella Cascioferro; Salvatore Plescia; Maria A. Sabatino; Gabriella Bombieri; Fiorella Meneghetti; Giuseppe Daidone PDF
14 Fused quinoline heterocycles VII: synthesis of new isoxazolo[3',4':4,5]pyrrolo(or thieno)[2,3-c]quinoline ring systems Afaf M. Abdel Hameed; Kamal U. Sadek; Ramadan A. Mekheimer PDF
15 Efficient protocol to quinazolino[3,2-d][1,4]benzodiazepine-6,9-dione via Staudinger-aza-Wittig cyclization: application to synthesis of Asperlicin D Deeb Taher; Zakariyya N. Ishtaiwi; Naim H. Al-Said PDF
16 Microwave-assisted synthesis of novel 2-naphthol bis-Mannich bases Po-Jung J. Huang; D. Youssef; T. Stanley Cameron; Amitabh Jha PDF
17 KF/Al2O3 as a highly efficient reagent for the synthesis of N-aryl derivatives of pyrimidine and purine nucleobases Abdolkarim Zare; Alireza Hasaninejad; Ahmad Reza Moosavi-Zare; Mohammad Hassan Beyzavi; Ali Khalafi-Nezhad; Nasrin Pishahang; Zahra Parsaee; Parvin Mahdavinasab; Nahid Hayati PDF
18 An approach to biologically important chromenes bearing P-S- heterocycles. Based on the chemistry of Lawesson’s reagent Maha D. Khidre; Azza A. Kamel PDF
19 Synthesis and antifungal activity of novel polyheterocyclic compounds containing fused 1,2,4-triazine moiety Magdy A. Ibrahim; Reda M. Abdel-Rahman; Ali M. Abdel-Halim; Salah S. Ibrahim; Hassan A. Allimony PDF
20 Catalytic, enantioselective synthesis of Boc-protected 1,2-amino alcohols through aminolysis of meso-epoxides with benzophenone imine Enzo Mai; Christoph Schneider PDF
21 Synthesis of new aza-C-disaccharides using cycloaddition reaction of five member chiral cyclic nitrones to alkenes derived from glucose and galactose Nikolaos G. Argyropoulos; Evdoxia Coutouli-Argyropoulou; Petros Gkizis PDF
22 Iminophosphorane-mediated one-pot synthesis of 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives Ali Ramazani; Ali Souldozi PDF
23 Convenient synthesis of some methyl-N-[2-(3-oxo-6-p-tolyl-2,3,4,5-tetrahydropyridazin-2-yl)-acetylamino]amino acid esters S. M. El Rayes PDF
24 A study of nitrogen inversion process in some camphor-based isoxazolidines Shaikh A. Ali; M. I. M. Wazeer; M. B. Fettouhi; M. Z. N. Iman PDF
25 Microwave-assisted organic synthesis: the Gabriel approach as a route to new pyrazolylhydrazonoazoles Saleh M. Al-Mousawi; Morsy A. El-Apasery; Najat H. Al-Kanderi PDF
26 A new class of polymeric monodentate phosphoramidite ligands for asymmetric hydrogenation of α-dehydroamino acid derivatives Meng Yang; Ji Zhang; Na Wang; Xiao-Qi Yu PDF
27 Chitosan as heterogeneous catalyst in Michael additions: The reaction of cinnamonitriles with active methyls, active methylenes and phenols Hamad M. Al-Matar; Khaled D. Khalil; Herbert Meier; Heinz Kolshorn; Mohamed H. Elnagdi PDF
28 Stereoselective synthesis of (S)-dapoxetine starting from trans-cinnamyl alcohol K. Venkatesan; K.V. Srinivasan PDF
29 Synthesis and hypoglycemic activity of 5,5-dimethylarylsulfonylimidazolidine-2,4-diones Muhammad K. Kashif; Iftikhar Ahmad; Shahid Hameed PDF
30 Synthesis of novel spiro fused polycyclic β-lactam derivatives Lei Liu; Leilei Zhang; Gang Liu; Jiaxi Xu PDF