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01 A Tribute to Prof. Anastasios Varvoglis Viktor V. Zhdankin PDF
02 Preparation of 3,4-dihydro-2,1-benzothiazine 2,2-dioxides with polymer-supported hypervalent iodine reagents Kenji Sakuratani; Hideo Togo PDF
03 Alkynyl(phenyl) iodonium triflates as precursors to iridium(III) σ-acetylide complexes Darren Bykowski; Robert McDonald; Rik R. Tykwinski PDF
04 An indirect method for the oxidation of aryl phosphites to phosphates and aryl selenoxides to selenones Nikoletta Sofikiti; Manolis Stratakis PDF
05 α-Fluorination of β-dicarbonyl compounds using p-iodotoluene difluoride under neutral conditions Masanori Yoshida; Komei Fujikawa; Saeko Sato; Shoji Hara PDF
06 On the mechanism of α-phenylation of β-keto esters with diaryl-λ3-iodanes: evidence for a non-radical pathway Masahito Ochiai; Yutaka Kitagawa; Mika Toyonari PDF
07 Syntheses of 3-hydroxymethyl-2,3-dihydrobenzofurans and 3-hydroxymethylbenzofurans Alan R. Katritzky; Kostyantyn Kirichenko; Yu Ji; Peter J. Steel; Mati Karelson PDF
08 Facile and efficient oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides in water using hypervalent iodine reagents Hirofumi Tohma; Tomohiro Maegawa; Yasuyuki Kita PDF
09 Two special pathways to perfluoroaryl iodonium salts: the migration of the nucleophilic aryl group in C6F5IO and the electrophilic arylation of C6F5I with [C6F5Xe]+ salts Joachim Helber; Hermann-Josef Frohn; Angela Klose; Thomas Scholten PDF
10 Synthesis and characterization of novel polyvalent organoiodine compounds Bindu V. Meprathu; John D. Protasiewicz PDF
11 Reactions of N-acylhydrazones with thionyl chloride Antigoni Kotali; Ioannis S. Lafazanis PDF
12 Triptycene quinones in synthesis: preparation of triptycene bis-cyclopentenedione Spyros Spyroudis; Nikoletta Xanthopoulou PDF
13 Iodane-mediated and electrochemical oxidative transformations of 2-methoxy- and 2-methylphenols Stephane Quideau; Laurent Pouysegu; Denis Deffieux; Aurelie Ozanne; Julien Gagnepain; Isabelle Fabre; Mayalen Oxoby PDF
14 Optimized syntheses of iodylarenes from iodoarenes, with sodium periodate as the oxidant. Part II Lukasz Kraszkiewicz; Lech Skulski PDF
15 Copper-catalyzed aziridination of allylglycine derivatives Loic Leman; Laurent Saniere; Philippe Dauban; Robert H. Dodd PDF
16 Domino Knoevenagel hetero Diels-Alder reactions of sugar derived δ,ε-unsaturated aldehydes John K. Gallos; Alexandros E. Koumbis PDF
17 Polymer-bound haloate(I) anions by iodine(III)-mediated oxidation of polymer-bound iodide: Synthetic utility in natural product transformations Andreas Kirschning; Eike Kunst; Monika Ries; Lars Rose; Andreas Schönberger; Rudolf Wartchow PDF
18 Cyclopropanation of alkenes using hypervalent iodine reagents Andreas S. Biland; Sabine Altermann; Thomas Wirth PDF
19 Self-assembly of hypervalent iodine through primary and secondary bonding Paul Kiprof; Viktor Zhdankin PDF
20 Application of alkynyliodonium salts to natural products synthesis: A mini-review of recent work at Penn State Ken S. Feldman PDF
21 Hypervalent iodine compounds derived from o-nitroiodobenzene and related compounds: syntheses and structures Vladimir A. Nikiforov; Vladimir S. Karavan; Sergei A. Miltsov; Stanislav I. Selivanov; Erkki Kolehmainen; Elina Wegelius; Maija Nissinen PDF
22 Fragmentations of (E)- and (Z)- isomers of 2-methylbuten-1-yl(aryl)iodonium triflates: competing mechanisms for enol triflate formation Robert J. Hinkle; Ann M. Mikowski PDF
23 Synthetic studies towards the development of a novel class of acitretin-type retinoids George Magoulas; Dionissios Papaioannou PDF
24 First synthesis and oxidative properties of polymer-supported IBX Marcel Mülbaier; Athanassios Giannis PDF