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01 A Tribute to Prof. Oswald S. Tee PDF
02 Structure of a spiro-fused 2,2-dioxa-Δ3-1,3,4-oxadiazoline Nadine Merkley; John Warkentin PDF
03 Intramolecular thiolysis of 4-mercaptobutyrate esters: developing a “traceless” linker for alcohol release from self-assembled monolayers on gold Max B. Buchmann; Thomas M. Fyles; Trevor Mischki; Todd Sutherland; Christine C. Tong; Vivian L.Y. Yip PDF
04 Aryl ring dynamics in bis-succinimido-cyclophanes Douglas N. Butler; Muhong Shang; David Mann; Martin R. Johnston PDF
05 Effect of β-cyclodextrin on the extraction of isoxazolines from aqueous ethanol into chloroform Christopher J. Easton; C. Merrîcc Hughes; Stephen F. Lincoln; Gregory W. Simpson  and George J. Vuckovic PDF
06 The gem-dimethyl effect in reactions through tetrahedral intermediates: cyclizations of some  ethyl 2,3-disubstituted-5-(p-nitrophenyl) hydantoates Asen H. Koedjikov; Petko M. Ivanov; Ivan G. Pojarlieff PDF
07 Conformational equilibria involving 2-amino-1,3-dioxans: steric control of the anomeric effect Anthony J. Kirby; Peter D. Wothers PDF
08 The 2-carbazolylnitrenium ion and its conjugate acid and base forms Robert A. McClelland; Victoria E. Licence PDF
09 The sulfur–oxygen bond in sulfinylamines and sulfinylhydrazines: an AIM study Heidi M. Muchall PDF
10 Synthesis and complexation properties of an amphiphilic cyclodextrin Carlos J. Gonzalez; Rita H. de Rossi PDF
11 Ketenylidene-1,4-cyclohexadiene: preparation of a divinylketene and reaction with the aminoxyl radical TEMPO Kazem Saidi; Thomas T. Tidwell PDF
12 Kinetics and mechanism of the base–catalyzed cleavage of 2-diazo-1,3-indanedione and the acid–catalyzed decomposition of its hydrolysis product, 2-(diazoacetyl)benzoic acid Yvonne Chiang; A. Jerry Kresge; Yu Zhu PDF
13 Geometry and energy of amidoenethiolate conformers formed by ring-opening of several thiazolium ions in base: a theoretical study using density functional theory Belquis Mothana; Trevor A. Bourgeois; Rebecca M. Longley; Geri-Lynn Devereaux; Robert S. McDonald; Katherine Valenta Darvesh PDF
14 Competing pathways in the reaction of the pesticide Fenitrothion [O,O-dimethyl O-(3-methyl-4-nitro­phenyl) phosphorothioate] with some nitrogen nucleophiles in aqueous solution Ikenna Onyido;  John E. Omakor; Gary W. vanLoon; Erwin Buncel PDF
15 SN2 reactions at amide nitrogen – theoretical models for reactions of mutagenic N-acyloxy-N-alkoxyamides with bionucleophiles Stephen A. Glover PDF
16 Reactions of substituted benzylidene Meldrum’s acids and methylthiobenzylidene Meldrum’s acids with OH–, CF3CH2O– And HOCH2CH2S– in 50% DMSO-50% water. π-Donor effects, soft acid-base interactions and transition state imbalances Claude F. Bernasconi; Rodney J. Ketner; Xin Chen; Zvi Rappoport PDF
17 Investigation of the mechanism of 1,2-migrations in methoxysiloxycarbene with the electron localization function Paul G. Loncke; Timothy A. Gadosy; Gilles H. Peslherbe PDF
18 A density functional theory study on the rearrangements of the 6-tricyclo[,4]octyl cation and its isomers: a walk on the C8H11+ potential energy surface and a peek at molecular structures with AIM Nick Henry Werstiuk; Yi-Gui Wang PDF