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01 A Tribute to Prof. B. S. Thyagarajan Professor George R. Negrete; Dr. Manickam Bakthadoss PDF
02 Facial selectivity in the addition of ketene acetals to nitrones towards chiral non-racemic isoxazolidin-5-ones. A semiempirical study Pedro Merino; Juan A. Mates PDF
03 Towards simple and efficient molecular reporters: combining electron transfer and charge transfer in functional dyes of donor–acceptor–spacer–donor constitution Knut Rurack; Julia L. Bricks PDF
04 Unexpected reactions of organozinc reagents with N-acylbenzotriazoles Alan R. Katritzky; Olga V. Denisko; Yunfeng Fang; Lianhao Zhang; Zuoquan Wang PDF
05 A permanganate mediated approach to the synthesis of cis-solamin Alexander R. L. Cecil; Richard C. D. Brown PDF
06 Pyrimidinone conjugates for the assignment of the absolute configuration of α-chiral carboxylic acids by 1H-NMR Robert S. Murray; Vincent A. Boyd; Vincent M. Lynch; George R. Negrete PDF
07 Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-2,6-dimethylchroman-4-one Kevin J. Hodgetts PDF
08 Synthesis of novel cage-annnulated fluoromacrocycles Alan P. Marchand; H. K. Hariprakasha; Anna Hazlewood; Kasireddy Krishnudu; Mohamed Takhi; William H. Watson; Satish G. Bodige PDF