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01 A Tribute to Prof. T. Govindachari K. Nagarajan PDF
02 Enantiospecific formal total synthesis of homogynolide-A A. Srikrishna; T. Jagadeeswar Reddy PDF
03 Synthesis of an σ-dehydro β-amino acid derived cyclic peptide as a constrained β-turn mimic S. Rajesh; Jyoti Srivastava; Biswadip Bannerji; Javed Iqbal PDF
04 Montmorillonite impregnated with bismuth nitrate: A versatile reagent for the synthesis of nitro compounds of biological significance Susanta Samajdar; Frederick F. Becker; Bimal K. Banik PDF
05 Reaction of dimethyl N-(2,2-diethoxyethyl)­iminodithiocarbamate with primary amines. A new general appraoch for the synthesis of 1-substituted 2-methylthio­imidazoles S. K. Sharma; T. A. Khan; H. Ila; H. Junjappa PDF
06 Synthesis of ent-9σ,15σ-cyclokaurene from grandiflorenic acid Hongbin Zhang; Graham Wynne; Lewis N. Mander PDF
07 Stereocontrolled syntheses of 2,5-disubstituted tetrahydrofurans using remote asymmetric induction Lindsay A. Hobson; L. Warjeet Singh; Eric J. Thomas PDF
08 Applications of liver acetone powders in enantioselective synthesis Deevi Basavaiah PDF
09 An efficient strategy for the construction of X-azatricyclo[m.n.0.0a,b]alkanes by intramolecular [3+2]cyclo­addition of nonstabilised cyclic azomethine ylides Ganesh Pandey; Akhila K. Sahoo; Trusar D. Bagul; Smita R. Gadre PDF
10 Base-promoted acetal formation employing aryl salicylates Pinmanee Boontheung; Patrick Perlmutter; Evaloni Puniani PDF
11 Synthesis of silene spaced divinyl naphthalene copolymers Moturu V. R. K. Murthy; Tien-Yau Luh PDF
12 Solvent-free efficient synthesis of N,N'-bis(arylmethylidene)-arylmethanediamines from aromatic aldehydes and hexamethyldisilazane Paidi Yella Reddy; Mikikazu Shimizu; Kimiaki Higashi; Takashi Shimizu; Takeshi Toru PDF
13 Preparation of symmetric bis-sulfides via reductive thiolation of dicarbonyl with thiols or of carbonyl compounds with dithiols in the presence of triethylsilane and boron trifluoride monohydrate Qi Wang; Xing-ya Li; G. K. Surya Prakash; George A. Olah PDF
14 Synthesis and antispasmodic effect of aryl substituted N-carbamoyl/thiocarbamoyl isoquinolines Ramesh Chandra; Jaskiran Kaur; Anita Talwar; Narendra N. Ghosh PDF
15 Thermal transformation of 1σ and 1β-endo and exo- dicyclopentadienyl vinyl ethers (competitive Claisen and Cope systems) Namasivayam Palani; Kalpattu Kuppusamy Balasubramanian PDF
16 Synthesis of cyclobutane fused γ-butyro lactones through intramolecular [2+2] photocycloaddition. Application in a formal synthesis of grandisol Jagannath Panda; Sarita Ghosh; Subrata Ghosh PDF
17 Biogenesis and function of macrocyclic spermine alkaloids Lenka Nezbedová; Konstantin Drandarov; Nathalie Deschamps; Christa Werner; Manfred Hesse PDF
18 Synthesis and complexation studies on 1,4-dinaphthocrown ether A. Manjula; M. Nagarajan PDF