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01 A Tribute to Prof. Fritz Sauter None provided. PDF
02 Lithium tri-sec-butylborodeuteride: a new reagent for the stereoselective deuterium addition to cyclohexanones with single chair conformations Peter Gärtner; Clemens Novak; Max Knollmüller; Günther Gmeiner PDF
03 Unsubstituted pyrido[3,4-d]pyridazine as an electron-deficient azadiene in [4+2] cycloaddition reactions: a short route to g-fused isoquinolines Esam Abdel-Rehem; Norbert Haider PDF
04 Application of dry-state adsorption condition (DSAC) Pauson-Khand cyclization for the synthesis of perhydrocyclopenta[c]pyrroles Marko D. Mihovilovic; Christian Adelwöhrer; Peter Stanetty PDF
05 Synthesis of thieno[2,3-d]thiazole-6-carboxylic acid derivatives as potential inducers of systemic resistance in plants Peter Stanetty; Thomas Dvorak; Marko D. Mihovilovic PDF
06 A convenient synthesis of 2-substituted [1,2,4]triazolo-[1,5-a]quinolines and [1,2,4]triazolo[5,1-a]isoquinolines C. N. Hoang; Zs. Riedl; G. Timári; G. Hajós; J. G. Schantl PDF
07 Generation of carbonyl ylide dipoles from the Rh(II) -catalyzed cyclization of α-diazo-β-keto-1,5-diesters Albert Padwa; Erin A. Curtis PDF
08 Synthesis and transformations of methyl (Z)-2-[(tert-butoxycarbonyl)amino]-3-(dimethylamino)propenoate Janez Baš; Simon Recnik; Jurij Svete; Simona Golic-Grdadolnik; Branko Stanovnik PDF
09 New C-substituted (1S,4S)-2,5-diazabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane derivatives. Preparation utilizing the directed metalation strategy. Application in enantioselective catalysis Ulrich Jordis; Martin Kesselgruber; Sven Nerdinger PDF
10 An unexpected ring formation in morphine chemistry Wilhelm Fleischhacker; Bernd Richter; Gerald Giester; Thomas H. Brehmer PDF
11 Synthesis and cycloaddition reactions of [2-deoxy-3,5-bis[O-(p-toluoyl)]-α-D-ribofuranosyl]ethyne Heinrich Wamhoff; Heiko Warnecke PDF
12 Ring and side chain reactivities of 1-([1,3,4]oxadiazol-2-ylmethyl)-1H-benzotriazoles Alan R. Katritzky; Dmytro O. Tymoshenko; Ke Chen; Ashraf A. Fattah PDF
13 1,3-Dipolar cycloadditions of D-erythrose- and D-threose-derived nitrones to maleimides I. Blanáriková; B. Dugovic; L. Fišera; C. Hametner; N. Prónayová PDF
14 The Biginelli dihydropyrimidone synthesis using polyphosphate ester as a mild and efficient cyclocondensation/dehydration reagent Fabio S. Falsone; C. Oliver Kappe PDF
15 [3+2]-Cycloaddition of 2-(tert-butylsulfanyl)propenoic acid derivatives to cyclooctyne Dietrich Döpp; Matthias Hof PDF
16 Formation of oxazoles from 2-methylsulfanyl-N-phenacylpyridinium salts Eugene V. Babaev; Anatoliy F. Nasonov PDF
17 Influence of N-substituents of carbamoyl-stabilized azomethine ylides in 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions Jiří Pospíšil; Martin Trávníček; Milan Potáček PDF
18 Reagents for new heteroannelation reactions. Part VI: 2-(methylsulfanyl)-1,4,5,6-tetrahydropyrimidine Johannes Fröhlich; A. Z. M. Shaifullah Chowdhury; Christian Hametner PDF