Archivision Art Images


Collection Information

The Archivision Art Image Collection focuses on a wide range of art from Italy, including ancient Roman frescoes, mosaics, and sculpture, as well as paintings and sculpture from the medieval to baroque periods. The collection, created and curated by Scott Gilchrist, photographer and architect, is expected to grow by approximately 3,000 images per year. The University Library licenses the images for academic use from Archivision Inc.

The University of Michigan Library licenses these images from Archivision, Inc. People affiliated with the University of Michigan can log in to view the images. Others can view the collection on the University of Michigan campuses. Your use of the images is governed by the license. People affiliated with the University of Michigan may use the images for educational, research, and personal use on a not-for-profit basis. For example, they may use the images in their lectures and presentations, in assignments, papers, and theses, and within password-protected course websites. They may not systematically or programmatically or massively copy the images. If you have questions about this collection, please contact