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P.Mich.inv. 4172
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Recto, col. [...] (between 194 and 201) (l. 2990-3022)

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Recto; Verso is blank
+ P.Cair. Inv. 57187; cf. also P.Mich. IV/1, 224 + IV/2, 357 (inv. 4171 + 2830 + 3159 + 4910)
This fragment: 20.5 x 27.8 cm; total size: ***
This col.: 33 lines
Conservation Status
Broken off at the left, right, and bottom; badlu damaged
Ann Arbor


173-174 A.D.
Karanis, Herakleidou meris, Arsinoite nome, province of Egypt
Karanis, Herakleidou meris, Arsinoite nome, province of Egypt
Acquired from Nahman in October 1924, through the British Museum; arrived in Ann Arbor in October 1926. (See also inv. 2830; 4171; etc.)
Unknown tax-collector (Sarapion, son of Sokrates?)
Type of Text/Title of Work
Tax Roll
Tax register, recording the daily collection of money taxes in the village of Karanis; the name of each tax-payer paying the poll-tax is cross-referenced with a page of another register, where taxpayers were listed geographically
Sarapion son of Perigenes and Tanais grandson of Akousilaos (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 225);
Perigenes son of Zoilos and Sambathion grandson of Ptolemiaos (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 208);
Pasion son of Petheus and Zoidous grandson of Kames (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 198);
Gaius Iulius Niger (see P. Mich. VI, 422 introd.; Eos 49 [1957/1958] 155-164);
(unnamed) son of . . . grandson(?) of Pases;
Sarap(--) (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 224);
Eutyches, doulos of Sarapias (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 165);
Sabinus son of Petheus and Herakleia grandson of Phanomgeus (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 222);
Ptolemaios son of Papeis (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 218);
[Sarapion] alias Sokrates son of Achillas and Tamaron grandson of Hatres (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 225);
[Sarapion] son of Onnophris and Tkollainis grandson of Maron (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 225);
Phanomgeus son of Phanomgeus and Tapsais grandson of Phanomgeus (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 245);
Heraklas son of Ptolemaios and Ammonous grandson of Kastor (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 167);
Sabinus son of Ptolemaios and Zoidous grandson of Ptolemaios (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 222);
Pamonneios (Pamonneouis) son of Anchorimphis and [Didymarion] grandson of Pamonneios (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 197);
Onnophris son of Ptolemaios and [Taoueiteis] grandson of Onnophris (see P.Mich. IV/2, p. 192)
[(Col.) . . .]
[On the . . .:]
Sarapion, son of Perigenes and Tanais, grandson of Akousilaos, for ch(--): 4 drachmai
Perigenes, son of Zoilos and Sambathion, grandson of Ptolemiaos: the remainder of ch(--)
Total for the day: 4 drachmai 20 obols.
On the 17th, similarly:
Pasion, son of Petheus and Zoidous, grandson of Kames, for ch(--): 8 drachmai; (and) the remainder of ch(--)
Gaius Iulius Niger - (through) the son of . . ., son(?) of Pases - for garden land of year 13: for apomoira, 23 drachmai 1 1/2 obols 2 chalkoi; for olive (transportation), 3 drachmai 2 obols; for naubion, 2 drachmai 2 obols; for supplements, 5 drachmai 5 obols; for eparourion, 15 drachmai 3 1/2 obols; for supplements, 1 drachme 2 obols; for kollybos, 5 obols 2 chalkoi. Total: 52 drachmai 3 1/2 obols.
(And) for the naubion of the catoeci, for year 14: 1 drachme 1/2 obol; for supplements: 1/2 obol 2 chalkoi; [for kollybos: 2 chalkoi]. Total: 1 drachme 1 1/2 obols.
(And) for the naubion of owners of private land, similarly: 1 drachme 1 1/2 obols; for supplements: 1 1/2 obols; for kollybos, 2 chalkoi. Total: 1 drachme 3 obols 2 chalkoi. (In left margin: 56 drachmai 3 obols, of which a deposit of Sarap(--): . . drachmai.)
Eutyches, slave of Sarapias: the remainder of ch(--)
Sabinus, son of Petheus and Herakleia, grandson of Phanomgeus: the remainder of ch(--)
Total for the day: 72 drachmai 5 obols.
On the 18th, similarly:
Ptolemaios, son of Papeis: for the tax on camels, for year 14: 10 drachmai; for supplements: [3] 1/2 obols 2 chalkoi. Total: 10 drachmai 3 [1/2] obols [2 chalkoi]. (In left margin: [8 drachmai] 24 [obols].)
Total for the day: 8 drachmai 24 obols.
[On the . .], similarly:
[Sarapion] also called Sokrates, son of Achillas and Tamaron, grandson of Hatres, for ch(--): 8 drachmai
[Sarapion], son of Onnophris and Tkollainis, grandson of Maron: 16 drachmai; (and) for ch(--): 4 drachmai
Total for the day: [[20 drachmai]] 28 drachmai.
On the 22nd, similarly:
Phanomgeus, son of Phanomgeus and Tapsais, grandson of Phanomgeus, [for ch(--): - - -; (and) the remainder of ch(--)]
[Total for the day: . . drachmai] 20 [obols].
On the 23rd, similarly:
Heraklas, son of Ptolemaios and Ammonous, grandson of Kastor: [4 drachmai]
Total for the day: 4 drachmai.
On the 26th, similarly:
Sabinus, son of Ptolemaios and Zoidous, grandson of Ptolemaios: [- - -]
Pamonneios, son of Anchorimphis and [Didymarion], grandson of Pamonneios, [for ch(--): - - -]
Onnophris, son of Ptolemaios and [Taoueiteis], grandson of Onnophris: [- - -]
[- - -]

Information on Publications

Series and Volume Editor Year Pg/Nr Photo SB Preferred Citation Corrections
PMich IV/1 Youtie HC 1936 225, col. [...] (between 194 and 201) (l. 2990-3022) Youtie HC, PMich IV/1, 225, col. [...] (between 194 and 201) (l. 2990-3022), 1936 -- BL III, 114 (place of column; l. 3021) BL III, 114 (place of column; l. 3021)

Information on Publications--Bibliography

P.Mich. IV/2, p. 44.
General bibliography on the tax rolls:
H.C. Youtie - O.M. Pearl, AJPh 57 (1936) p. 465-469; H.C. Youtie, Classical Weekly 30 (1937) p. 199-201 [= Scriptiunculae II (Amsterdam, 1973) p. 851-857, with addenda]; L.C. West - A.C. Johnson, Currency in Roman and Byzantine Egypt (Princeton, 1944) p. 20; 53-58; V.B. Schuman, CP 44 (1949) p. 236-239; D.S. Crawford, CP 45 (1950) p. 185-186; V.B. Schuman, CP 46 (1951) p. 34-36; V.B. Schuman, CP47 (1952) p. 214-218; V.B. Schuman, Aegyptus 32 (1952) p. 241-252; V.B. Schuman, Aegyptus 39 (1959) p. 223-225; V.B. Schuman, CE 38 (1963) p. 306, n. 2; C.Pap.Jud. III, No. 492; H.C. Youtie, Proceedings of the Twelfth International Congress of Papyrology (Toronto, 1970) p. 545-551 [= Scriptiunculae II (Amsterdam, 1973) p. 1035-1041]; H.C Youtie, ZPE 13 (1974) p. 238-239; H.C. Youtie, ZPE 15 (1974) p. 117-141; V.B. Schuman, BASP 12 (1975) p. 23-58; P.Cair.Mich. 359, introduction; J.C. Shelton, BASP 14 (1983) p. 83-93; V.B. Schuman, Archiv 29 (1983) p. 41-57; P. van Minnen, ZPE 100 (1994) p. 244-246


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