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P.Mich.inv. 965
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Background and Physical Properties

Recto; Verso is blank
Archive of Kronion son of Apion, nomographos of the grapheion of Tebtynis
37.5 x 28 cm
Conservation Status
broken into three parts and badly abraded along vertical folds
Palaeographic Description
The 1st and 3rd hand are medium-sized cursives with decidedly different characteristics; the 2nd is a large, elegantly written, upright semi-uncial, wth letters about 0.5 cm in height (Boak)
Ann Arbor


November 29, 36 A.D.
Tebtynis, Polemonos meris, Arsinoite nome, province of Egypt
Tebtynis, Polemonos meris, Arsinoite nome, province of Egypt
June 1922; acquired from Nahman through the British Museum
Chairemon, exegetes
Type of Text/Title of Work
Authorisation of a Renunciation on a Mortgaged Land (with Appended Petition)
Communication addressed by the exegetes Chairemon to Kronion, clerk of the grapheion, to conform to a petition, a copy of which is appended: in this, a widow, Taorses daughter of Eutychos, asks, as guardian of her minor children, to be allowed to resign by contract all claims to an important estate which had been mortgaged a few years earlier by her deceased husband and some of his brothers and later seized by the creditors, with whom she will also settle the obligations resting upon her sons for unpaid public taxes and other dues assessed against the mortgage land.
Chairemon, exegetes;
Kronion (son of Apion), ho to grapheion pragmateuomenos;
Tiberius, Emperor;
Taorses daughter of Eutychos, widow of Galates;
Ptolemaios son of Chairemon, relative and guardian of Taorses;
Galates son of Lysimachos, deceased husband of Taorses (see P.Mich. V, p.16);
Lysas son of Galates and Taorses, aphelix;
Lysimachos son of Galates and Taorses, aphelix;
Eutychas son of Galates and Taorses, aphelix;
Didymos presbyteros son of Lysimachos, brother of Galates (see P.Mich. V, p.16);
Didymos neoteros son of Lysimachos, brother of Galates (see P.Mich. V, p.16);
Lysimachos son of Lysimachos, brother of Galates (see P.Mich. V, p.16);
Haryotes son of Lysimachos, brother of Galates (see P.Mich. V, p.16-17; 320-321; add P.Mich. II, 121, recto, col. III, abstracts 3-4?);
Kastor son of Lysimachos, brother of Lysimachos (& unnamed brothers) (see also P.Mich. V, 276?);
Lysimachos son of Lysimachos, brother of Kastor (& unnamed brothers);
Lucius Terentius (former owner)
Polemonos meris; Tebtynis; Theogonis; Kerkesis (Kerkeesis)
(1st hand) Chairemon to the clerk of the grapheion, Kronion, greeting. Subjoined is the copy of a petition that has been presented to us. Be so kind, then, as to follow up its statements as is fitting. Farewell. The twenty-third year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, Choiak third.
(2nd hand) To Chairemon, the exegetes, from Taorses, daughter of Eutychos, with, as guardian, her relative Ptolemaios, son of Chairemon. My husband Galates, son of Lysimachos, died, leaving by me three sons under age, Lysas, Lysimachos, and Eutychas. For them I have had myself appointed guardian by you. Galates, with his brothers Didymos the elder, Didymos the younger, and Lysimachos, was indebted to Kastor and Lysimachos, both sons of Lysimachos, in accordance with a mortgage executed in the . . .teenth year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus. This mortgage affected the catoecic estates belonging to them by inheritance from their father consisting of a catoecic allotment of eighty-two arourai in the division of Polemon. Of these there are in the vicinity of Tebtynis thirty-seven arourai in two parcels, in the vicinity of Theogonis twenty-five arourai in one parcel, formerly the property of Lucius Terentius, and in the vicinity of Kerkesis the remaining twenty arourai in another parcel. Accordingly, the aforesaid arourai of the allotment amount to eighty-two or thereabouts. The properties adjoining each parcel and the other details are set forth in the said mortgage. In consideration of the sum of two talents 1,200 drachmai borrowed through it and of the interest that has accrued from the time of the said mortgage up to the present, Kastor and Lysimachos have laid claim to the aforesaid eighty-two arourai of the allotment on the basis of the transfer of title which they caused to be made in the twenty-first year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus through the bureau of registration of catoecic lands, and have made a partial cession to their own brothers. We have, therefore, entreated both Kastor and his brother Lysimachos to deal kindly with us on condition that we shall give them 2,500 silver drachmai toward a share of the public taxes and other debts which Galates and his brother owe, and on condition that all of us resign our claims and approve the transfer of title effected through the bureau of registration and also the cessions made to the brothers of those about Kastor. I therefore petition you in the names of my said sons who are minors, and of myself as their guardian, with the brothers of Galates, Didymos the elder, Didymos the younger, Lysimachos, and Haryotes joining in the petition, to give orders to write to the clerk of the grapheion to prepare with me the agreement of renunciation and approval concerning the sixth part which was inherited by my sons who are under age. The guarantee is to rest upon me together with the brothers of Galates under conditions of mutual surety, in order that I may be benefited along with my sons.
(3rd hand) It has been approved. The 23rd year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, Choiak 3. (2nd hand) Farewell.

Information on Publications

Series and Volume Editor Year Pg/Nr Photo SB Preferred Citation Corrections
JEA 19 Boak AER 1933 138-142 SB V 7568 Boak AER, JEA 19, 138-142, 1933 -- SB V 7568
PMich V Boak AER 1944 232 Boak AER, PMich V, 232, 1944 -- BL III, 115 (l. 1); BL VII, 110 (l. 1; 6; 23) BL III, 115 (l. 1); BL VII, 110 (l. 1; 6; 23)

Information on Publications--Further Republications

Further Republications
HC Youtie, Scriptiunculae Posteriores

Information on Publications--Bibliography

H.I. Bell, CR 59 (1945) p. 75; H.I. Bell, JRS 35 (1945) p. 139; H.C. Youtie, ZPE 23 (1976) p. 130; H.C. Youtie, Scriptiunculae I (Bonn, 1981), no. 78, p. 373.

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