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Inventory Number
P.Mich.inv. 1717
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Background and Physical Properties

Recto; Verso is blank
25.8 x 30.5 cm
Main text - 34;
Note in right margin - 8
Conservation Status
Damaged mainly in the lower part and along the folds
Palaeographic Description
Main document: a large, clear hand; note in the right margin: very cursive (MacGregor - Schuman)
Ann Arbor


July 6, 172 B.C.
Philadelphia, Herakleidou meris, Arsinoite nome, Egypt
Probably Philadelphia, Herakleidou meris, Arsinoite nome, Egypt
November 1924
Theokles, son of Euboulides; Aristokles, son of Herakleides
Type of Text/Title of Work
Loan of Money
Contract according to which Theokles, son of Euboulides, lends to Aristokles, son of Herakleides, the sum of 3 talents 780 drachmai for 13 months at 24 per cent interest, Megisto, the wife of aristokles being named as surety for her husband; the agreement concludes with the signalments of the contracting parties and surety. A note in the right margin seems to indicate that (after some time?) the affair had devolved to the sons of the contracting parties, only Megisto being still alive.
Ptolemy (VI Philometor) Epiphanes;
Kleopatra (II Philometor) Epiphaneia;
Apollodoros son of Zenon, hiereus (of the deified Alexander and earlier Ptolemies);
Kleainete daughter of Komanos, athlophoros (of the deified Berenike Euergetis);
Sarapias daughter of Apollonios, kanephoros (of the deified Arsinoe Philadelphos);
Eirene daughter of Ptolemaios, hiereia (of the deified Arsinoe Philopator);
Theokles son of Euboulides, Makedon tes epigones, father of Euboulides (see also P.Freib. III, 34);
Aristokles son of Herakleides, Korinthios tes epigones, husband and guardian of Megisto, father of Herakleides;
Megisto daughter of Nikostratos, Persine, wife of Aristokles;
Euboulides son of Theokles, heptarouros(?);
Herakleides son of Aristokles, Korinthios
Philadelpheia (Philadelphia), Arsinoite nome; Makedon (tes epigones); Korinthios (tes epigones); Persine
(Main text)
In the reign of Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra, the gods Epiphaneis, the ninth year; Apollodoros, son of Zenon, being the priest of Alexander, the gods Soteres, the gods Adelphoi, the gods Euergetai, the gods Philopatores, the gods Epiphaneis, and the gods Philometores; the athlophoros of Berenike Euergetis being Kleainete, daughter of Apollonios; the priestess of Arsinoe Philopator being Eirene, daughter of Ptolemaios; Apellaios 5, Pauni 5, in Philadelphia of the Arsinoite nome.
Theokles, son of Euboulides, Macedonian of the epigone, has lent to Aristokles, son of Herakleides, Corinthian of the epigone, 3 talents 780 drachmai of bronze money produced to view, for 13 months from the above date, with interest at 2 drachmai the mina per month. Aristokles shall repay to Theokles the aforestated loan, namely 3 talents 780 drachmai in bronze money, plus the interest accruing thereon, in the month of Apellaios, or in the Egyptian calendar, Pauni, in the tenth year. If he does not repay it, he shall pay as penalty the loan plus fifty per cent and simple interest, and Aristokles <read: Theokles> shall have the right of execution upon Aristokles or his surety, whichever of them he may choose, or upon both, as if by court decision. The surety of Aristokles for the payment in full of the above-mentioned loan of 3 talents 780 drachmai is Megisto, daughter of Nikostratos, a Persian woman, acting with her guardian, her husband, the aforementioned Aristokles. The agreements shall be valid wherever it may be produced.
Theokles, about . . . years of age with a scar in the middle of the forehead, long-faced, with a scar on the lower lip to the right.
Aristokles, about . . . years of age with a scar in the middle of the forehead, round-faced, somewhat dim-sighted.
Megisto, about 23 years of age, of medium height, fair complexion, and eyes of rather light color.
(Note in the right margin)
(2nd hand) Euboulides, son of Theokles, owner of 7 arourai (?), of the village of Philadelphia . . . debt(?) from Herakleides, son of Aristokles, Corinthian of the epigone . . ., and his security, Megisto, daughter of Nikostratos, a Persian woman, of Philadelphia: 2 talents 780 drachmai.

Information on Publications

Series and Volume Editor Year Pg/Nr Photo SB Preferred Citation Corrections
PMich III Schuman VB-MacGregor MF 1936 190 Schuman VB-MacGregor MF, PMich III, 190, 1936 -- BL III, 110 (l. 25; 36-37; 39-40; 42); BL V, 68 (l. 35-42); BL VII, 109 (l. 42) BL III, 110 (l. 25; 36-37; 39-40; 42); BL V, 68 (l. 35-42); BL VII, 109 (l. 42)

Information on Publications--Bibliography

K.F.W. Schmidt, Phil.Woch. 58 (1938) p. 347; F. Pringsheim, The Greek Law of Sale (Weimar, 1950) p. 72, n. 1; H.A. Rupprecht, Untersuchungen zum Darlehen im Recht der graeco-aegyptischen Papyri der Ptolemaeerzeit = Muench.Beitr. 51 (Muenchen, 1967) p. 28, n. 27 (see also index, p. 178); E. Berneker, Ius et Commercium. Studien zum Handels- und Wirtschaftsrecht. Festschrift fuer Franz Laufke (Würzburg, 1971) p. 25

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