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Results for Book%20Citation%3A%20%26quot%3BContribution%20a%20l%26apos%3B%20Historie%20des%20Tribus%20de%20la%20Haute%20Volga%20au%20I%20Millenaire%26quot%3B%20by%20P.%20Tretjakov%3B%20Fig.%2017%2C%20pg.%2045.%20%20In%3A%20Materiaux%20et%20Recherches%20d%26apos%3B%20Archeologie%20de%20l%26apos%3B%20Urss%2C%20No.%205.%20Moscow%3A%20Editions%20de%20l%26apos%3B%20Academie%20des%20Sciences%20de%20l%26apos%3B%20Urss%2C%201941
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Full Record: x-11436/11436

Upper layer ceramics of settlement by the village of Gorodiska by the city of Kalyazina.

35mm slide: 5713

Book Citation: "Contribution a l' Historie des Tribus de la Haute Volga au I Millenaire" by P. Tretjakov; Fig. 17, pg. 45. In: Materiaux et Recherches d' Archeologie de l' Urss, No. 5. Moscow: Editions de l' Academie des Sciences de l' Urss, 1941.

**Book is in Russian; table of contents is also in French**