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Full Record: x-2917/2917

Nazca polychrome vessel in shape of a fish

35mm slide: 1382


Full Record: x-2918/2918

Man with cat-like features on Nazca vessel.

35mm slide: 1383


Full Record: x-2919/2919

Nazca vessels with naturalistic ornamentation.

35mm slide: 1384


Full Record: x-2920/2920

Chanka vessel. - Arte del Peru Precolombino, Cossio del Pomar, Pl. 8.

35mm slide: 1385


Full Record: x-2921/2921

Ica tapestry, abstract figures.

35mm slide: 1386


Full Record: x-2922/2922

A. Stylized figures, Nazca fabric. B. Semi-naturalistic figures in a Nazca fabric.

35mm slide: 1387


Full Record: x-2923/2923

Mummy bundle, half unwrapped, Paracas.

35mm slide: 1388


Full Record: x-2924/2924

Feather pendant and ceremonial staff, Paracas.

35mm slide: 1389


Full Record: x-2952/2952

Mantle embroidered in the conventionalized style of Paracas.

35mm slide: 1432


Full Record: x-2962/2962

This polychrome vase has a large spillway. It represents a prisoner with a rope around his neck; his hands are tied on his back and he is wearing on his head the "captive's" headdress". He wears oreillettes and a nose pendant; a net covers his body. The colors on this piece of ceramic are ochre, ivory, sienna, and yellow. It belongs to the Mochik culture. It is 27 cm high.

35mm slide: 1250


Full Record: x-2963/2963

30: Copper spoon. A human head in relief is on its handle. It is a very primitive archaeological piece. It measures 0.11m. 31. Necklace of rock crystal and silver beads in several shapes. Three beads are purple colored, one is yellow and the other two are white. It has 17 crystal beads and 74 silver beads. Among the last ones there are several that look like golden beads. 32. Ceramic piece almost globular in shape. It has two united spillway

35mm slide: 1251


Full Record: x-2964/2964

7. Mummy mask or Huaco-picture. Its skull is depressed. The skull transformations were practiced by the Aruwake and Colla Indians since before the first Tiahuanaco epoch. Professor Posnansky says in his "Antropologia y Sociologia de las Razas Interandinas" that these Indians changed the natural shape of their craniums in order to differentiate the castes and races. These deformations were made by means of boards and bindings applied to the newly

35mm slide: 1252


22. Graffito ornamented human shin bone hard to identify, with shell, coral, and turquoise inlayings. It is likely that it was used as a flute or "quena". It measures 0.23 M. 23. Necklace made out of hyena teeth had blue beads of porcelain. It belongs to the transition period. It has 76 teeth. 24. Necklace formed by 19 jaguar teeth intercalated with white porcelain beads. Like the former figure, it belongs to an intermediate epoch when the P

35mm slide: 1254


Full Record: x-2967/2967

Top: Clay musical instrument of triangular shape (champona), similar to a mouth-organ. It is painted in two colors divided by a white line. The first band is bronze-colored almost black and the other one is painted in dark ochre. Its ten perforations produce five repeated notes: two perforations for each sound. its maximum height is 15 cm. Nazca culture. Bottom: This lizard shaped ceramic piece is perhaps of mythical origin. It has two clove

35mm slide: 1255


Full Record: x-2968/2968

Top: Piece of cloth looking like a mantle's border. It is made out with woolen woven on a dark brown colored warp. It seems to have been made separately from the mantle; the parallel bands are decorated with a frieze in echelon, and the middle band is woven in slanting bands separated by black backstitchings. The red, purple, yellow, white, black, and light brown and dark brown colors are unchanged and the harmony of their arrangement juts out. I

35mm slide: 1256


Full Record: x-2969/2969

Top: "Kero", wooden idol representing a human head being devoured by a jaguar. It is on a conical base and measures 12 cm. Bottom: Black clay amphora, very polished and brilliant. It has a handle and a spillway. Its two faces are decorated with embossed figures upon a background which is divided. On its upper part and on each side of the handle are ear-shaped projections. There is a monkey figure in relief on its spillway. It belongs to the C

35mm slide: 1257


Full Record: x-2970/2970

Nazca "estolica" made out of hard wood having on one extreme a copper lance tied with vicuna wool threads and in the handle some figures engraved in bone. It is 53 cm long. They are archaeological pieces.

35mm slide: 1258


Full Record: x-2971/2971

63. Necklace formed by rock crystal beads engraved in different shapes and sizes. 106 pieces in it. They seem to be polished with emery; and are transparent. It is 42 cm long (two-fold). Place of origin: Trujillo. 64. Blue jade beads in different sizes and shapes form this necklace. A green-colored piece looking like a turquoise is in the center. It is 38 cm long (twofold). 65. Unengraved rock crystal pieces. they are perforated and threa

35mm slide: 1259


Full Record: x-2972/2972

Top: "Muchoka" or stone mortar. It has four projecting figures, similar to serpent heads. it is decorated with a graffito tool. It has mother-of-pearl and turquoise inlayings. it is 5 cm in diameter. Bottom: Black clay amphora with handle and spillway. it is made in a globular shape upon a circular base where two friezes can be seen: one in echelon and the other one formed by triangles. the neck of this vessel is formed by a human head ornam

35mm slide: 1260


Full Record: x-2990/2990

Ceremonial clothing, reconstruction from garments in Paracas mummy bundle.

35mm slide: 1390


Full Record: x-2991/2991

Stylized lizard, ornamental motif frequently found in Paracas embroidery.

35mm slide: 1391


Full Record: x-2992/2992

Vessel from Paracas Necropolis.

35mm slide: 1392


Full Record: x-2993/2993

Vessel from Paracas.

35mm slide: 1393


Full Record: x-2994/2994

Decoration on an olla of the New Ica Period.

35mm slide: 1394


Full Record: x-2995/2995

Mochica: Priest's helmet. a) central part of a shield. b) wooden shield. c-d) gold ear spools.

35mm slide: 1395


Full Record: x-2996/2996

Examples of Mochica art.

35mm slide: 1396


Full Record: x-2997/2997

Mochica vessel- battle between warriors and monsters.

35mm slide: 1397


Full Record: x-2998/2998

Mochica plate.

35mm slide: 1398


Full Record: x-2999/2999

Feather work, Cusco.

35mm slide: 1399


Full Record: x-3000/3000

Painting on a kero from Cusco.

35mm slide: 1400


Full Record: x-3009/3009

Nazca feather cloak, 85 x 85 cm.

35mm slide: 1443


Full Record: x-3010/3010

Top: Nazca Kelim fabric, 56 x 44 cm. Bottom: Marquez, 66 x 44 cm.

35mm slide: 1444


Full Record: x-3011/3011

Chancay Kelim fabric, 73 x 45 cm.

35mm slide: 1445


Full Record: x-3012/3012

Pachacamac, breast ornaments, mother-of-pearl inlays on shell, legs, colored stone, head ornament of silver, oxidized; two ornamental plates on ear; blocks inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

35mm slide: 1446


Full Record: x-3013/3013

Pachacamac, Kelim fabrics, upper piece 30.5 cm x 29.5 cm; lower piece, so-called birth scene.

35mm slide: 1447


Full Record: x-3014/3014

Nazca clay vessel, mythical figure with skull, height 14.3 cm, diameter 16.7 cm.

35mm slide: 1449


Full Record: x-3015/3015

Nazca clay vessel, coiled snakes, cat-like animals, height 19.8 cm, diameter 15.6 cm.

35mm slide: 1448


Full Record: x-3016/3016

Nazca poncho, Tiahuanaco style, whole poncho 110 x 104 cm; section about 80 x 58 cm.

35mm slide: 1450


Full Record: x-3017/3017

Nazca poncho, Tiahuanaco style, 118 x 110 cm.

35mm slide: 1451


Full Record: x-3018/3018

Nazca embroideries on loose base fabric.

35mm slide: 1452


Full Record: x-3019/3019

Nazca bag-like double tapestry, 31 x 22 cm.

35mm slide: 1453


Full Record: x-3300/3300

Typical Early Nazca coloring.

35mm slide: 1744


Full Record: x-3301/3301

Typical Early Nazca embroidering.

35mm slide: 1745


Full Record: x-3952/3952

Bulbous vase with annular base; yellow slip; carved and incised decoration washed over with light red. Small ruin near Labna, Yucatan. Tepen period ceramics Red sculptured - Late classic - Tepen 3

35mm slide: 2939


Full Record: x-3976/3976

Machu Picchu, Agricultural terraces. Machu Picchu, Inca


35mm slide: 3067


Full Record: x-3977/3977

Machu Picchu, Agricultural terraces. Machu Picchu, Inca


35mm slide: 3068


Full Record: x-3978/3978

Machu Picchu, Agricultural terraces. Machu Picchu, Inca


35mm slide: 3069


Full Record: x-3979/3979

Machu Picchu, Agricultural terraces. Machu Picchu, Inca


35mm slide: 3070


Full Record: x-3980/3980

Machu Picchu, Sacred Plaza. Machu Picchu, Inca


35mm slide: 3071


Full Record: x-3981/3981

Machu Picchu, King’s Group. Machu Picchu, Inca


35mm slide: 3072