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Full Record: x-16499/16499

French excavations of Ubadiya. Lower Paleolithic layers are cemented on an angle from faulting and compression (area is a syncline/anticline) (Original teaching slide code: AS-1)


35mm slide: 20708

Jordan Valley

Full Record: x-16505/16505

Lower Paleolithic lake shore with cobbles and tools. (Original teaching slide code: AS-2)

35mm slide: 20709

Jordan Valley

Full Record: x-16506/16506

Lower Paleolithic deposits (ca. .5 mya), African Acheulean waterlogged site with faulted beds. (Original teaching slide code: AS-3)

35mm slide: 20710

Jordan Valley

Full Record: x-22796/22796

Israel, Ubeidiya, gravel layer.


35mm slide: 16823

Jordan Valley

Full Record: x-22797/22797

Israel, Ubeidiya Gravel Layer.


35mm slide: 16824

Jordan Valley