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Full Record: x-17188/17188

Long stip of fabric with borders and tassels at each end. Red background with 4 pairs of yellow lines. Just before border on each end is a white and yellow zigzag pattern. Border is a plaid pattern of yellow and blue. Tassels are loose red and yellow threads.

35mm slide: 20826


Full Record: x-17189/17189

Large rectangular textile--maybe hand woven. Thread is stiff and of the following colors: fusia, navy, yellow, mint green, light blue, and white. Mid section has a large band of fusia with a multi-color banded striped down the center and on either side. The center band is flanked on either side by 3 solid navy stripes, alternating with 3 multi-colored bands of stripes. The long sides are edged with wide bands of fusia. One corner is folded and st

35mm slide: 20827


Full Record: x-1719/1719

Tula, Hidalgo -- Ahcollacatl and tigers.

35mm slide: 452


Full Record: x-17190/17190

Long rectangular cloth of six strips of blue and red-pink fabric. The body is predominantly blue stripes (4 strips of fabric) and the ends are horizontal stripes of red-pink, blue, and white, that are slightly too long for the body. The strips are sewn together with yellow and pink-red thread, which also comprises the tassles. The tassles are sewn facing inward in one direction and outwasrd in the other. The end is stitched together on the side wh

35mm slide: 20828


Full Record: x-17191/17191

Necklace made of small pink-ish shell beads, plastic beads in various colors, hollow halves of black nut shells, and clusters of some kind of animal teeth. The necklace is strung on grass fiber. The plastic beads mark the teeth clusters off from the small pink beads. The nut shells are hung on 4 terminating strands in pairs, with two teeth above them.

35mm slide: 20829


Full Record: x-17192/17192

Necklace of pink-brown-beige donut-shaped shell beads strung on a fiber cord. One end terminates in cord, the other in a curious v-shaped cloth attachment. It is either a repair (beads are in loose enough arrangement for some to have fallen off) or a friction attachment for ease in tying.

35mm slide: 20830


Full Record: x-17193/17193

Necklace of white spondyllus shell beads and cowrie shells with assorted wooden beads marking cowrie off from spondyllus. The main body of the necklace has 3 evenly spaced cowrie shells, with a cluster of 3 cowrie shells at the bottom, which form the start of 3 tassles of spondyllus shells ending in 3 cowrie shells.

35mm slide: 20831


Full Record: x-17194/17194

Beautiful single strand necklace made of whole tiny nautilus shells speckled and striped in black, brown, beige, and pink. 8 pairs of cowrie shells are spaced evenly along the body of the necklace with the shell openings facing inward, and the greatest distance between the cowrie paris around the intended neckline. The necklace is strung on fishing line. Cowrie shells are white with beige speckles.

35mm slide: 20832


Full Record: x-17195/17195

Dangle-type bracelet made of polished, sculpted shell in a single unbroken circle. The bracelet is not a true circle, the outside rim has 10 points. The main color is dark ivory, with patches of the shell exterior (white with brown speckles) is visible.

35mm slide: 20833


Full Record: x-17196/17196

Non-circular dangle bracelet carved in a single piece from the interior of a large shell. It is mainly pearl-dark ivory in color, with patches of the white and brown-speckled exterior. Part of the bracelet is thinner and curves out accordingly to the natural bend of the original shell.

35mm slide: 20834


Full Record: x-17197/17197

Very small, thick dangle bracelet made from a single piece of pearl-white shell with brown speckles in a spiralling line. The bracelet is perfectly round with two indentations from the natural shape of the shell.

35mm slide: 20835


Full Record: x-17198/17198

Largest of the four bracelets, mostly pearl-brown in color with accents of white and brown speckles that were the original exterior of the shell. Bracelet has a thin side from the natural curve of the shell; it is broken on that side, has a piece missing.

35mm slide: 20836


Full Record: x-17199/17199

Largest of 3 armbands made from island grass and colored with local dyes. Base color is black, which forms interior of band. Pattern is 1 line yellow, 2 lines yellow, row of black and yellow checkerboard, 2 lines yellow, 1 line red, 1 line yellow. Pattern interrupted in 3 places with black and yellow zig-zag pattern. Armband is sewn together.

35mm slide: 20837


Full Record: x-172/172

17342- Persian ivory moon shawl, c. 19th century


35mm slide: 18252


Full Record: x-1720/1720

Tula, Hidalgo -- Una "cariatide".

35mm slide: 453


Full Record: x-17200/17200

Second-largest armband, main color is black (interior). Exterior is mainly yelow, with a red stripe running around the middle. There are 3 black diamonds, evenly spaced, traced with red inside their outlines.

35mm slide: 20838


Full Record: x-17201/17201

Smallest of 3 armbands, sewn together to create single band. Bare color is black, pattern on exterior is 4 yellow bands alternating with three yellow bands. Stripes are interrupted in three places with vertical zig-zag pattern.

35mm slide: 20839


Full Record: x-17202/17202

Large pearl-colored crescent made of a single piece of seashell. The back is the natural exterior of the shell. Two holes are the attachment point for an abstract shaped shell (carved) attachment, brown/black and looks a bit like a bird. This is attached with two pieces of knotted cord which form the necklace attachment.

35mm slide: 20840


Full Record: x-17203/17203

Small pearl piece with carved horn (?) hook attached with string. Pearl is whitish in color while horn is brown and tan. Strong is dirty. 2 small notches at tip without hook; 4 notches holding string to hook.

35mm slide: 20841


Full Record: x-17204/17204

Thick beaded bracelet. Blue, red, yellow, and white beads woven into bracelet with fiber. Bracelet is stiff. Diamond and triangle design over exterior surface. Inside bracelet is dirty.

35mm slide: 20842


Full Record: x-17205/17205

Small bag or pouch woven from tan and dark brown plant fiber, probably some kind of grass. Varying pattern of vertical lines, along with border around bottom of bag and top of opening. The bag is folded over approximately in half.

35mm slide: 20843


Full Record: x-17206/17206

Long comb with black wooden bristles and red and yellow decoration. Decoration is woven grass fibers that hold together bristles. In mid section there is yellow zigzag pattern over red fibers, and at the top is intricate yellow fibers woven into the black wood. 3 bands of brown fiber separate sections.

35mm slide: 20844


Full Record: x-17207/17207

Stiff, foldable mat made from 3 strips of dense plant fiber. One edge is zig-zag pattern, the other is straight, both are stitched with thread. Mat has been folded in half and then in quarters for many years.

35mm slide: 20845


Full Record: x-17208/17208

Replica of a wooden paddle made from dark hardwood. The handle and paddle are carved from a single piece. Handle is a small half-circle, the arm widens out to widest point of paddle, where an inverted T is etched from the wood. Piece narrows to bottom point from the "T". Below the T are two shell inlays (pearl-colored) in the shape of 4-pointed stars. The pattern is the same on both sides of the paddle.

35mm slide: 20846


Full Record: x-17209/17209

Wooden pick-comb with shell inlays. The comb has 18 teeth, the entire comb is carved from a single piece of wood. The shell designs are interspersed with black patterns either carved or burned into the wood; the designs are on the body and handle of the comb and are different on each side. The design is star-shaped on one side (with shell inlay) and abstract on the other (no shell inlay).

35mm slide: 20847


Full Record: x-1721/1721

Cuicuilco, Federal District -- Eastern and southern slopes of pyramid with eastern ramp visible on right.

35mm slide: 455


Full Record: x-17210/17210

Pill-box shaped basket made of red-dyed grass fibers and natural fibers interwoven by hand. The bottom has a circle of purely red fibers surrounded by a thicker weave of tan fibers. The design is alternating colors zig-zagging at an angle from 2/3 of the top down through the body. The pattern switches to red triangles on a tan background near the top, and alternating stripes of red and tan at the top. The basket has been folded and flattened and i

35mm slide: 20848


Full Record: x-17211/17211

Coil of native fishing line made from the inner bark of the root of a native tree. The fiber was spun and two lengths coiled to make the finished line.

35mm slide: 20849


Full Record: x-17212/17212

Hand-woven bag of grass fibers, almost perfectly square-shaped, there is no bottom panel and a slit opening at top. Made from black and tan fibers in alternating patterns. The top and bottom have horizontal stripes and the body is vertical stripes. Pattern is 5 tan stripes alternating 4 black stripes, then one stripe of an x-pattern, repeated 6 times, then a horizontal pattern on a wide vertical stripe. Pattern is continuous on both sides.

35mm slide: 20850


Full Record: x-17213/17213

"Marriage bands" are strips of tree bark dyed red. There are about 10 coils in the bundle. The ends are tied together around the waist to advertise that a girl is available for marriage.

35mm slide: 20851


Full Record: x-17214/17214

Material: Konga tree fiber.

Short wrap-around skirt made from Konga tree Fibers. The lengths of fiber thread are woven into the braid of a stiffer character which forms the belt of the skirt. The ends are two cords each (4 total) which can be tied together to secure the skirt.

The woven pattern appears to be the result of knotting individual threads onto the belt.

35mm slide: 20852


Full Record: x-17215/17215

"Everyday" grass skirt made from the bark of the betel nut tree. The individual fibers are knotted onto a thicker brade (which comprises the belt) individually, leaving a long side and a short side (approx. 1.5 inches long). The braid which forms the belt is in two thinner cords on each side which are knotted at the ends and can be tied together to hold the wrap-around skirt in place.

Material: Betel nut tree bark fiber

35mm slide: 20853


Full Record: x-17216/17216

A rectangular mat made from plant fibers woven in a simple over-under checkerboard pattern done on a diagonal. This gives the mat zig-zag borders with flat corners. Mat has been folded for a long time and is quite stiff.

35mm slide: 20854


Full Record: x-17217/17217

Remants of strings of shell beads. The string broke and many beads came off, the entirety is in an envelope in a small box. The shell beads are probably spondyllus, and the majority are white, with black dirt from age. Some orange and pink beads are interspersed on the part of the strong that is still intact. The end that broke free is the knot of cloth used to tie the strong onto the body. A different partial string is of larger pink spondyllus

35mm slide: 20855


Full Record: x-17218/17218

Pleated, cylindrical b ag with pointed top made from hand-woven brown plant fibers. Has 21 long tassles used to tie the bag to its owner--worn either slung over the shoulder or tied around the wrist. Weave is simple over-under pattern. Tassles are wound cord, some of which are fraying at the end.

"Dilly Bag"

35mm slide: 20856


Full Record: x-17219/17219

Bundle of two preparations of fiber made from Konga Tree bark. The bark has been washed, bleached, and shredded to form two types of fiber. The finer, softer, lighter swatch is made into the best quality grass skirts. The darker, coarser preparation is made into slightly less formal wear. The prepared fiber is of pliable texture and forms a coarse weave of almost honey comb-like shape.

35mm slide: 20857


Full Record: x-1722/1722

Cuicuilco, Federal District. -- Close-up view of southern reconstructed wall.

35mm slide: 456


Full Record: x-17220/17220

"Everyday" grass skirt made from coarse unfinished fibers. Skirt is fairly thin, with fewer fibers knotted onto the belt than most other skirts. Two strands of cord on each end to secure the skirt. Object is brittle and dried into shape in which it was folded for extended period of time.

35mm slide: 20858


Full Record: x-17221/17221

High quality "grass" skirts made from prepared fibers of the Konga Tree. Fibers are short and knotted densely onto a thick length of braided cord. The skirt is light colored and has a few patches of "shortened" fibre that may have come off earlier. The cord has double strands at both ends for tying the skirts.

35mm slide: 20859


Full Record: x-17222/17222

Coarse, dark, "everyday" grass skirt. Fibers are knotted in bundles onto a braided cord. The skirt is mid-length, as opposed to both the short "high-quality" skirts and other long everyday skirts. Creases from being folded for an extensive period of time. Each end has two braids of cord for tying.

35mm slide: 20860


Full Record: x-17223/17223

Square tapestry made of tapa cloth. Pattern is on one side, beige-orange background with design in white lines of triangles, lines, and outlines of brown and black triangles, diamonds, and coffee-bean shaped outlines. Pattern is the same on six panels. Underside is beige with white outlines of patterns. Panels are different deepness of color.

35mm slide: 20861


Full Record: x-17224/17224

Straight, slightly rounded length of shaped, polished bone used as a septum plug. Lengths of brown thread are wrapped around the bone near each end. Ends are sharp. Bone is stained slightly yellow with age.

35mm slide: 20862


Full Record: x-17225/17225

75 red seeds, flattened with point hilums and blackening opposite the hilum. Probably Caesalpinaceae (legumes).

35mm slide: 20863


Full Record: x-17226/17226

Broom made of plant locally referred to as "broom plant"

bound with white nylon cord in four locations along handle

contributed by Nicolina "Grandmother" Bordian, January 2002

remaining leaf and seed material in broom head

broom head round

The Laurent Jean Pierre Broom Collection

No. 1HCB 1 NB

35mm slide: 20864


Full Record: x-17227/17227

Broom made of sorghum

bound with blue nylon cord in seven locations along handle

handle 39cm long

head flat

contributed by Nicolina Bordian, January 2002

purchased from local craft market

The Laurent Jean Pierre Broom Collection

No. 2 HCB 2 NB

35mm slide: 20865


Full Record: x-17228/17228

Small hand brush made of palm

woven with thicker leaves at handle

contributed by Laurent Jean Pierre

purchased from street seller in Addis Ababa, September 2002

The Laurent Jean Pierre Broom Collection

No. 3 HCB 1 LJP

35mm slide: 20866


Full Record: x-17229/17229

Broom with long wooden handle, stripped of bark

broom head flat, made of palm

head bound with metal wire and pink and blue nylon

contributed by Laurent Jean Pierre

purchased from street seller in Addis Ababa, September 2002

The Laurent Jean Pierre Broom Collection

No. 4 HCB 2 LJP

35mm slide: 20867


Full Record: x-1723/1723

Cuicuilco, Federal District -- Stair inside pyramid.

35mm slide: 457


Full Record: x-17230/17230

Broom with long wooden handle

broom head flat, made of coconut

head bound with red and green nylon cord

contributed by Isabel Hemphill

purchased from street vendor in Beijing, April 2002

The Laurent Jean Pierre Broom Collection

No. 5 HCB 1 IH

35mm slide: 20868


Full Record: x-17231/17231

Ornamental broom

handle bound in blue plastic material, red at tip of handle

flat broom head made of plant material

plant material bound into columns at top of broom head

columns wrapped in red nylon ribbon

blue nylon border at bottom of red ribbon columns

yellow and black striped plastic material wrapped around outer edges of ribbon section of head

contributed by Heather Butcher, May 2002

purchased as import in Habitat Store, Cantebury, U.K.

35mm slide: 20869