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Full Record: x-17142/17142

1958 calendar from South Africa.

35mm slide: 20780


Full Record: x-17143/17143

Copper on impala fur-covered plaque.

35mm slide: 20781


Full Record: x-17144/17144

Copper plaque. Relief of an impala on etched copper background.

35mm slide: 20782


Full Record: x-17145/17145

Plaster relief plaque. Rectangular base with bust.

35mm slide: 20783


Full Record: x-17146/17146

Clay head. Side view of man's head

35mm slide: 20784


Full Record: x-17147/17147

Hanging ornament. Small ceramic bust mounted on circular woven straw mat.

35mm slide: 20785


Full Record: x-17148/17148

Arrow. Wood shaft holds metal arrowhead with fiber binding.

35mm slide: 20786


Full Record: x-17149/17149

Wooden pipe with angular handle. Shaft is covered with strung glass beads in a diamond - shaped design characteristic of Zulu beadwork. Colors: red, blue white, turquoise. All beads are strung on thread. Short strap attached to both ends of the pie also made of threaded beads.

35mm slide: 20787


Full Record: x-1715/1715

Tula, Hidalgo -- Guerrero-Tolteca.

35mm slide: 448


Full Record: x-17150/17150

Print of a painting of a man and woman. Red and blue background. Print is covered with plastic, mounted on cardboard, and framed with gold tape. Paper clip on reverse.

35mm slide: 20788


Full Record: x-17151/17151

The object appears to be a tablecloth of white cloth with vertical striped of embroidered red/pink thread. General pattern of 4 strips, 2 stripes, 2 stripes, though interrupted where the cloth was sewn together. The long edges are bordered by horizontal pink stripes and alternating pink and hellow short tassels. The two middle strips were sewn together unevenly. Show fading, some dirt and stains.

35mm slide: 20789


Full Record: x-17152/17152

A square textile - maybe made on a hand loom. The textile is folded. At the opening, one side extends about 7cm beyond the other. The sides are sewn, but only from the opeining to about half-way down the side, leaving a 16cm long opening on either side. The folded side has a 12cm long slit up the center.

The textile is white and edged on the sides with 1/2cm wide lined of navy. Two of these navy lines extend down the middle with a space of white be

35mm slide: 20790


Full Record: x-17153/17153

Large white rectangular textile, hand woven. Made from 3 colors of coarse thread: dark brown, red-brown and beige.

Mid-section patterning has large alternating bands of 3 dark brown and 4 beige. Dark brown bands are divided by two smaller bands of red-brown rimmed with beige. The long side is edged with brown-red bands.

At either end of the textile are areas of plaiding. The dark brwon bands are crossed with faint beige lines and the beige areas

35mm slide: 20791


Full Record: x-17154/17154

Long tasseled strip of cloth, hand woven in yellow. Body of cloth has equally spaced rows of embroidered diamonds. All rows are six diamonds except the final row on one side with 7. Diamonds alternate marroon and blue across. Each end of the cloth has three large bands, one containing 6 embroidered triangles, one have 3 triangles and the last band having 5 angular lines. Piece is edged with 3 thin bands of green, red, and grey.

35mm slide: 20792


Full Record: x-17155/17155

Small rectangular hand woven textile that is primarily navy but has alternating pink and white stripes all over it. To the right and the left equidistant from the center are two lines of an embroidered pattern. The pattern is of randomly alternating arrow-like notches of navy, pink and yellow.

35mm slide: 20793


Full Record: x-17156/17156

Small long rectangular textile, tasseled on one side. Textile is navy with pink and yellow stripe pattern.


35mm slide: 20794


Full Record: x-17157/17157

A large rectangular faded black textile with alternating red and white tassels on one end. There is a series of legthwise red stripes (mostly pinstripes, but a couple with about a 2cm width). A few of the stripes are lined with white square 1 cm dots. There are some striped with a very small space between them which is filled with white 1 cm squares but most arc about 5 - 11cm apart. In four of the bigger sppaces are designs consisting of white figure

35mm slide: 20795


Full Record: x-17158/17158

Small long rectangular textile with tassels on one edge. The textile is navy with pink and yellow patterning. Starting on one edge are 2 alternating stripes of pink and navy followed by a stripe of yellow, a red zig-zag line and another yellow stripe. Next are three more stripes of navy, pink and yellow.

35mm slide: 20796


Full Record: x-17159/17159

Long thin textile with tassels on the short ends. The textile is predominatedly navy with red, yellow and white stripes going lengthwise. On both short edges (running horizontal) is a strip of navy and then a strip of red with a thin line of white down the center. On the inward side of the red strip is a wide stripe of navy. Following the navy strip is a wide red stripe outlined in white and two thin yellow lines. Closest to the tassels are two wide

35mm slide: 20797


Full Record: x-1716/1716

Tula, Hidalgo -- Plaza area to the north of Mound B.

35mm slide: 449


Full Record: x-17160/17160

Large rectangular tri-color banner. Top is a large equalateral triangle pointed downwards with a piece of red and blue on two sides to create a rectangle. Item is machine sown. Written on white triangle are the words "KABINATAANG GALIWAG;" "DAYAN;" "MAGBANGON"

35mm slide: 20798


Full Record: x-17161/17161

Large rectangular tapestry. Brown background with red and tan pattern. 2 edges hav an attached border with similar colors and short (1cm) red and tan tassels. Tapestry is 4 pieces each 26cm wide stitched together, plus attached borders with tassels. Various small snags and some dark stains, small holes, especially along stiching that holds the 4 sections together. 1 patch, 2 x 4cm.

35mm slide: 20799


Full Record: x-17162/17162

Bag made of woven beige cloth with braided tassles sown on the bottom stripes of blue (3). Blue with a red edge (1) and blue and red checkers (1) run horizontally. Intersected by 3 stripes of red and yellow running vertically and diagonally along the front, and a single vertical line down the back. The circular handle appears to be brass, with wrapped coils where it is attached to the bag. Some of the tassles have frayed off and there is a small b

35mm slide: 20800


Full Record: x-17163/17163

Cloth bag (beige) with long fringe and metal loop handle (probably brass). The handle is attached with coils. The bag has 4 blue horizontal stripes and one blue and white checkered stripe. There is a vertical yellow and red stripe running down the middle. There is a 4.5 hole in the bottom of the bag, the fringe below is missing. The cloth is stained with age.

35mm slide: 20801


Full Record: x-17164/17164

Long, narrow cotton curtain. Four wooden rings attached to top with metal hooks--2 are cracked. Vertical stripe pattern in reds, yellow, green, white, and very dark blue. Some threadbare areas along side, especially in magenta-colored area. Pleated.

35mm slide: 20802


Full Record: x-17165/17165

Cotton bag with long (35cm) fringe attached to bottom. Woven striped pattern on bag itself; red, yellow, and dark blue. Fringe and top of bag are tan colored.

35mm slide: 20803


Full Record: x-17166/17166

Cotton bag with long (34cm) fringe attached to bottom. Woven horizontal stripe pattern colored blue with red and yellow stitching. The top and fringe are tan-colored. Small tag attached to fringe with "137" written on it.

35mm slide: 20804


Full Record: x-17167/17167

Small bag with long (31cm) fringe attached to bottom. Blue with woven red and yellow stripes. Wooden rod inside bottome of bag, somewhat splintered.

35mm slide: 20805


Full Record: x-17168/17168

Long rectangular plaid of a coarse thread--hand woven. The pattern is made from 3 colors of thread: a dark brown, medium brown, and beige. Mid-section is alternating bands of these colors, but the ends have both horizontal and vertical bonding to create an area of plaid. Jute fibre textile.


35mm slide: 20806


Full Record: x-17169/17169

Rectangular dark blue textile with red and yellow stripes. Consists of 3 long sections stitched together in a red and yellow zigzag pattern. Each end is trimmed with a tasseled border--on one end this border is sewn with brown thread against the textile so tassels hang in toward the center of the rectangle. There are vertical sections of very faded blue cloth on either side of the textile. Also, some evidence of spider nests.

35mm slide: 20807


Full Record: x-1717/1717

Teotihuacán -- Citadel -- Temple of Quetzalcoatl.

35mm slide: 450


Full Record: x-17170/17170

Textile of strips of magenta, black, and green-patterned cloth, as well as a single strip of cloth with the entire magenta-yellow-green-black-green patterned motif in an unbroken, unsewn pattern. The entire length of cloth was sewn together at the long ends to create a cylinder that is open at both short ends. The cloth is severely faded and the sewn strips are coming apart in 9 places--4 on one end--creating large holes. The fabric is unfinished a

35mm slide: 20808


Full Record: x-17171/17171

Wide rectangular textile--hand woven and of a very coarse thread (jute fabric). Made of three color threads: dark brown, medium braown, and beige. Large alternating stripes of colors create the patterning of the mid-section, while either end of textile contain areas of plaiding. Sewn together from 4 strips.

35mm slide: 20809


Full Record: x-17172/17172

Long rectangular textile--hand woven and made of a coarse thread (jute fiber). 3 color threads were used: red-brown, dark brown, and beige colors create a banding pattern on mid-section of textile, with areas of plaiding on either end.

35mm slide: 20810


Full Record: x-17173/17173

A large multicolored blanket--hand woven. The textile is of white, blue, and red thread and has a semi-complex patterning. The pattern is as follows: On either side of the textile, length-wise, there is a 25cm wide area of navy. On top of thenavy, in the center, is a 2cm wide red strip flanked on either side by thinner red lines. To the right is a 2cm loosely woven stripe of white, a thin red line, a 2cm wide area of navy, and another loosely wov

35mm slide: 20811


Full Record: x-17174/17174

Rectangular cloth made from 4 strips (2 pairs--2 with a slightly prominent pink stripe and 2 with a dominant blue stripe) sewn together with zig-zags of yellow and red embroidery. Also two strips sewn on the ends with horizontal stripes and short tassles of yellow and red. The pattern is vertical stripes of alternating pink solid and blue triangle-diamond pattern. The patterning is white thread. There are also tassles at 2 opposing corners of the

35mm slide: 20812


Full Record: x-17175/17175

A large plaid rectangular textile--hand woven. The piece is actually 202cm x 334cm, but is fold and machine sewn on the open side to create a piece half its original size. Textile has thread of white, pink, lime green, navy blue, and yellow to create the plaid. Pink, blue, and green are the dominant colors. Yellow and white are accents. Made of 2 separate pieces sewn together at the center.

35mm slide: 20813


Full Record: x-17176/17176

Long rectangular piece of cloth--hand woven maybe. Thread is a bit stiff. Cloth is striped irregularly with fusia, mint green, navy, yellow, red-orange, grey, and white thread. It is not finished on the short ends and therefore is fraying.

35mm slide: 20814


Full Record: x-17177/17177

Large rectangular piece of cloth--could be hand woven. Thread is particularly stiff and of many colors: Fusia, navy blue, yellow, orange, mint green, white, and a light blue.

The patterning of the piece can be divided into 4 sections of pattern, intersperced with three large areas of navy blue. The patterned bands that edge the piece are identical, while the two interior ones are identical with each other. The patterning is irregular bands of col

35mm slide: 20815


Full Record: x-17178/17178

Long strip of textile--hand woven rough cotton. Textile is predominantly black, but contains a long irregular striped band of red and white thread down the center. Textile is tasseled on the short ends and is edged with red on the sort ends, as well.

35mm slide: 20816


Full Record: x-17179/17179

Large rectangular jute fiber textile. Probably hand woven. It has lengthwise parallel red pinstripes about 9 cm apart covering entire textile. Ther are 2 additional red stripes also lengthwise which are about 2 cm wide and lie about 1/4 of the way in from either edge. The base color is a faded black. Between the two innermost red stripes there is a design consisting of white figures and ladders (?) which are spaced with white dotten patterns of t

35mm slide: 20817


Full Record: x-1718/1718

Tula, Hidalgo -- Caryatide figure and fragments in plaza north of Mound B.

35mm slide: 451


Full Record: x-17180/17180

Long, narrow rectangular textile. Blue background with light red and yellow designs woven into cloth. Design occupies center 30cm, both ends of the textile, and 2 stripes, approx. 2cm wide between center and ends. Both ends ar finished with tassels made of twisted blue thread tied to red and yellow thread.

35mm slide: 20818


Full Record: x-17181/17181

Long rectangular textile. Dark blue background with 3 red stripes along length of cloth. The 2 smaller stripes (1cm width) have a thin yellow strip through their centers. The middle red stripe is thicker (3.5cm) with 1 white, 2 yellow, and 2 red pinstripes on either side. Approx. 10cm from one end is a red and yellow border in the same pattern as the border at the very edges of both ends. Blue, red, and yellow tassels.

35mm slide: 20819


Full Record: x-17182/17182

Very long, thin textile of hand-woven white linen. It is probably a table runner. There are tassles at both ends as well as three stripes of red, green, and yellow at each end. The cloth is quite thin and delicate, as well as being dirty.

35mm slide: 20820


Full Record: x-17183/17183

Rectangular piece of cloth of heavy navy and white-striped pattern sewn together from three pieces. Stripes are sewn together with pattern of alternating faded navy and red zig-zag thread which is also stiched over the two short ends. Each navy stripe has a thin red line in the center.

35mm slide: 20821


Full Record: x-17184/17184

Small shirt made from beige/natural cotton. There are 2 strips of cloth, each edged in dark blue, stitched together and folded over to create front and back of shirt. Stitching is in red and blue thread with a zigzag design. Various spots, especially on front of shirt.

35mm slide: 20822


Full Record: x-17185/17185

Large rectangular faded black textile with alternating 2 white and 2 red tassles on both ends. A series of lengthwise white and red pinstripes (for the most part each stripe is a combination of a red and white stripe placed next to each other.) There are 2 white pinstripes without red but with a series of square 1cm dots lining either side of them. Also ther are 2 red stripes with white dots lining them along with 2 wider (2cm) red stripes. The sp

35mm slide: 20823


Full Record: x-17186/17186

Long rectangular textile--hand woven, but machine sewed at ends. Sift thread. Multicolored striped patterning. Colors are navy, fusia, yellow, green, slate blue, brown, and white. A wide fusia stripe down the center has a striped line of yellow brown and beige. On either side of fusia band are identical stripes containing smaller irregular stripes of all colors mentioned above. On either side of center stripes are three navy stripes interspersed

35mm slide: 20824


Full Record: x-17187/17187

Long strip of fabric with tassels and a border at each end. Main segment is dark blue, while borders are red, yellow, and blue. Tassels are red and yellow thread on the ends of blue knotted and twisted thread.

35mm slide: 20825