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Full Record: x-16548/16548

Chavin (Kenning style) relief on false portal column of main temple (Original teaching slide code: BF-41)

35mm slide: 20472


Full Record: x-16549/16549

Chavin alter on edge of central plaza (Original teaching slide code: BF-42)

35mm slide: 20473


Full Record: x-1655/1655

Chichén Itzá -- Temple of the Warriors -- entrance with chacmool.

35mm slide: 388


Full Record: x-16550/16550

El Lanzon underground monolith, second temple (underground) (Original teaching slide code: BF-43)

35mm slide: 20474


Full Record: x-16551/16551

Ridge top administrative site. Early Intermediate Period (3000m asl) (Original teaching slide code: BF-44)

35mm slide: 20475


Full Record: x-16552/16552

Prehistoric mortero and mano in action. Sonya (Quechua girl) (Original teaching slide code: BF-45)

35mm slide: 20476


Full Record: x-16553/16553

Guitarrero cave. View from cave. Early Peru site (excavated by Lynch) (Original teaching slide code: BF-46). John Alden, Tony Ranere, and Barbara Lynch shown.

35mm slide: 20477


Full Record: x-16554/16554

Guitarerro cave. Early Peru site (excavated by Lynch) (Original teaching slide code: BF-47). John Alden, Tony Rainere, and Barbara Lynch shown.

35mm slide: 20478


Full Record: x-16555/16555

Cold highland altiplano, home to pastoralists 3700m asl (Original teaching slide code: BF-48)

35mm slide: 20479


Full Record: x-16556/16556

Camelid herder settlement. 4000 meters altitude (Original teaching slide code: BF-49)

35mm slide: 20480


Full Record: x-16557/16557

Aleutions. View down longhouse. 1989 (Original teaching slide code: BF-5)


35mm slide: 20436


Full Record: x-16558/16558

Cooking feast--guinea pig. Quechua woman with meal for child's first haircutting ceremony (Original teaching slide code: BF-50)

35mm slide: 20481


Full Record: x-16559/16559

Aleutians: harpoon and lamp. (Original teaching slide code: BF-6)


35mm slide: 20437


Full Record: x-1656/1656

Chichén Itzá -- Temple of the Warriors -- interior columns.

35mm slide: 389


Full Record: x-16560/16560

Aleut ivory and bone artifacts. private -WWII service man (collected 1942) (Original teaching slide code: BF-7)

35mm slide: 20438


Full Record: x-16561/16561

K-1 site (Kodiak). best preserved site in AK (AD 1250-1800's) (Original teaching slide code: BF-8)

35mm slide: 20439


Full Record: x-16562/16562

Kodiak Island. Koniag house and floors. superimposed occupation levels visible (Original teaching slide code: BF-9)

35mm slide: 20440


Full Record: x-16563/16563

Mehrgarh: view of Kachi Plain and Mehrgarh, Khorasan Mountains in background. Site located at the mouth of the Bolan Pass, an important communication/trade route between South and West Asia, ca. 8th-3rd millennium BC. (Original teaching slide code: CS-1)

35mm slide: 20683


Full Record: x-16564/16564

Mohenjodaro, road in city. (Original teaching slide code: CS-10)

35mm slide: 20692


Full Record: x-16565/16565

Mohenjodaro, "granary" platform. (Original teaching slide code: CS-11)

35mm slide: 20693


Full Record: x-16566/16566

Mohenjodaro, Indus seal; 3 headed animal. (Original teaching slide code: CS-12)

35mm slide: 20694


Full Record: x-16567/16567

Mohenjodaro, Bronze figure; "dancing girl". (Original teaching slide code: CS-13)

35mm slide: 20695


Full Record: x-16568/16568

Mohenjodaro, aerial view of site. (Original teaching slide code: CS-14)

35mm slide: 20696


Full Record: x-16569/16569

Harappā, Wheeler’s 1947 deep trench; site dates to early 3rd-early 2nd millennium BC. (Original teaching slide code: CS-15)

35mm slide: 20697


Full Record: x-1657/1657

Chichén Itzá -- Altar and Atlantean figures.

35mm slide: 390


Full Record: x-16570/16570

Harappā weights; Indus Valley Civilization. (Original teaching slide code: CS-16)

35mm slide: 20698


Harappā male burial. (Original teaching slide code: CS-17).

35mm slide: 20699


Full Record: x-16572/16572

Harappā, "working platforms". (Original teaching slide code: CS-18)

35mm slide: 20700


Full Record: x-16573/16573

Harappā, female figurine with headdress. (Original teaching slide code: CS-19)

35mm slide: 20701


Full Record: x-16574/16574

Mehrgarh architecture, level IIA, note cell plan. (Original teaching slide code: CS-2)

35mm slide: 20684


Full Record: x-16575/16575

Harappa mortuary ceramics. (Original teaching slide code: CS-20). Slides provided by Mark Kenoyer only for teaching purposes.

35mm slide: 20702


Full Record: x-16576/16576

Harappa, Mound AB "granaries". (Original teaching slide code: CS-21). Slides provided by Mark Kenoyer only for teaching purposes.

35mm slide: 20703


Full Record: x-16577/16577

Harappa, Mound AB well and platform. (Original teaching slide code: CS-22). Slides provided by Mark Kenoyer only for teaching purposes.

35mm slide: 20704


Full Record: x-16578/16578

Kudatini Ash Mound, Neolithic, 2nd millennium BC. (Original teaching slide code: CS-23)

35mm slide: 20705


Megalithic burials. Iron Age, 1st millennium BC. (Original teaching slide code: CS-24)

35mm slide: 20706


Full Record: x-1658/1658

Chichén Itzá -- El Mercado from El Castillo.

35mm slide: 391


Full Record: x-16580/16580

Ajanta Caves, Vakataka period, 5th-7th century AD. (Original teaching slide code: CS-25)

35mm slide: 20707


Full Record: x-16581/16581

Mehrgarh, section of Neolithic mound. (Original teaching slide code: CS-3)

35mm slide: 20685


Full Record: x-16582/16582

Mehrgarh III architecture. (Original teaching slide code: CS-4)

35mm slide: 20686


Full Record: x-16583/16583

Mehrgarh V ceramics, Period V Polychromes, ca. 3300 BC. (Original teaching slide code: CS-5)

35mm slide: 20687


Full Record: x-16584/16584

Mehrgarh figurines, Mehrgarh VI (c. 3000 BC). (Original teaching slide code: CS-6)

35mm slide: 20688


Full Record: x-16585/16585

Kot Diji, Early Indus settlement, c. 3rd millennium BC. (Original teaching slide code: CS-7)

35mm slide: 20689


Full Record: x-16586/16586

Mohenjodaro, "Priest-King" sculpture; site dates to early 3rd to early 2nd millennium BC. (Original teaching slide code: CS-8)

35mm slide: 20690


Full Record: x-16587/16587

Mohenjodaro bath. (Original teaching slide code: CS-9)

35mm slide: 20691


Full Record: x-16588/16588

Çatal Hüyük (ca. 6500-5700 BC) was a settlement of about 10 ha., one of the largest neolithic settlements in the Middle East at the time. It is known primarily for its abundant evidence for ritual, in the form of figurines, wall paintings, and features in modeled plaster depicting women giving birth, bulls, leopards, vultures, and other animals. In spite of the size of the village, there is little evidence of ranking. New work on the site has begun un

35mm slide: 20388


Full Record: x-16589/16589

Akkadian period public buildings: "Naram-Sin Palace" in foreground; "SS" administrative complex in background. (Original teaching slide code: GE-10)

35mm slide: 20397


Full Record: x-1659/1659

Chichén Itzá -- Altar -- east face -- El Mercado.

35mm slide: 392


Full Record: x-16590/16590

SS building, room 23. Note walls preserved over 3m high and window preserved in wall. The diagonal lines on the wall are mouse burrows (Original teaching slide code: GE-11)

35mm slide: 20398


Full Record: x-16591/16591

Tell Brak in northeastern Syria was occupied as early at the 6th millennium BC, and continued into the later 2nd millennium BC. It was particularly important during the Middle and Late Uruk periods (3600-3100 BC), when states expanding from Southern Mesopotamia took control of the site, and again during the Akkadian period (2350-2200 BC), when the ruler Naram-Sin installed a series of massive public buildings. There is no convenient source for this si

35mm slide: 20399


Full Record: x-16592/16592

Bathroom of private Akkadian house. Note baked brick sloping floor and drain, with seat in corner; 1993 excavations (Original teaching slide code: GE-13)


35mm slide: 20400