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Full Record: x-16502/16502

More hearths, most of Middle Paleolithic sediment is from human-made ash. (Original teaching slide code: AS-12)

35mm slide: 20719


Full Record: x-16503/16503

Middle Paleolithic site, Amud Cave, contemporary with Kebara. (Original teaching slide code: AS-13)

35mm slide: 20720


Archaeologists, Ofer Bar-Yosef and Yoel Rak , sit on top of recent extension of Japanese team’s 1960s trench. (Original teaching slide code: AS-14)

35mm slide: 20721


Full Record: x-16505/16505

Lower Paleolithic lake shore with cobbles and tools. (Original teaching slide code: AS-2)

35mm slide: 20709


Full Record: x-16506/16506

Lower Paleolithic deposits (ca. .5 mya), African Acheulean waterlogged site with faulted beds. (Original teaching slide code: AS-3)

35mm slide: 20710


Full Record: x-16507/16507

Entrance of Tabun, Lower-Middle Paleolithic sequence, Mt. Carmel caves. Talus in front of cave is D. Garrod’s 1930s backdirt. (Original teaching slide code: AS-4)

35mm slide: 20711


Full Record: x-16508/16508

Mt. Carmel caves. Section of Middle Paleolithic layers with Jelinek, Farrand. Controversial female "Neandertal" burial in right corner where layers B-C-D converge. (Original teaching slide code: AS-5)

35mm slide: 20712


Full Record: x-16509/16509

Mt. Carmel caves. Lower Paleo layers; sink hole caused tilt of layers; layer G is older than Bruhnes-Matuyama. (Original teaching slide code: AS-6)

35mm slide: 20713


Full Record: x-1651/1651

Chichén Itzá -- Temple of the Warriors -- carved columns.

35mm slide: 384


Full Record: x-16510/16510

Southeast facing large cave; Middle Paleolithic, Upper Paleolithic, Natufian, Byzantine layers. (Original teaching slide code: AS-7)

35mm slide: 20714


Full Record: x-16511/16511

Natufian structure built into wall of cave. Scale: diameter 1.5-2 meters. (Original teaching slide code: AS-8)

35mm slide: 20715


Full Record: x-16512/16512

Zuttiyeh Cave, just 200 m south of Amud; Galilee Skull found here. (Original teaching slide code: AS-9)

35mm slide: 20716


Full Record: x-16513/16513

Dry Creek site. View north to site atop bluff. "Early Alaskan site early level- 11,120 BP ±85" (Original teaching slide code: BF-1)

35mm slide: 20432


Full Record: x-16514/16514

K-1. Storage box and dance mask. Lots of ceremonial regalia found in this well preserved site (masks dolls, etc.)" (Original teaching slide code: BF-10)

35mm slide: 20441


Full Record: x-16515/16515

K-1. Dance mask up close. Once had hoops and bangles similar to Yupik masks (Original teaching slide code: BF-11)

35mm slide: 20442


Full Record: x-16516/16516

Koniag defensive fort (Awa'uq Refuge Rock). Russian attacked in AD1784. (Awa'uq = ""sorrow"" in Alutiiq)" (Original teaching slide code: BF-12)

35mm slide: 20443


Full Record: x-16517/16517

Koniag multiroom house-excavated to walls. stone storage and hearths /side rooms (sleeping and sweat bath) (Original teaching slide code: BF-13)

35mm slide: 20444


Full Record: x-16518/16518

Kodiak. Orthodox cross on rock near Shelikhov's landing. Russian signal of triumph at Awa'uq (Original teaching slide code: BF-14)

35mm slide: 20445


Full Record: x-16519/16519

Kodiak chief (Toion) from Afognak Island. drawn by Tikhanov (AD 1818) (Original teaching slide code: BF-15)

35mm slide: 20446


Full Record: x-1652/1652

Chichén Itzá -- Temple of the Warriors -- carved columns.

35mm slide: 385


Full Record: x-16520/16520

Labrador Isostatically raised beach series. Sites decrease in age down beach (6000-3500bp)-Maritime Archaic down to Dorset. (Original teaching slide code: BF-16)

35mm slide: 20447


Full Record: x-16521/16521

Maritime archaic house-6000 bp. At top of Ailik beach sequence Later excavated by W. Fitzhugh (Original teaching slide code: BF-17)

35mm slide: 20448


Full Record: x-16522/16522

Maritime Archaic boulder pit house. W. Fitzhugh testing (Original teaching slide code: BF-18)

35mm slide: 20449


Full Record: x-16523/16523

Dorset? Tent rings on beach ridge (Original teaching slide code: BF-19)

35mm slide: 20450


Full Record: x-16524/16524

Dry Creek. Pete Bower and profile. "Early Alaskan site early level- 11,120 BP ±85" (Original teaching slide code: BF-2)

35mm slide: 20433


Full Record: x-16525/16525

Labrador. Eskimo house pits. "S. Kaplan, S. Cox, R. Goodfellow (left-right)" (Original teaching slide code: BF-20)

35mm slide: 20451


Full Record: x-16526/16526

Labrador/ Igloosiatik. Entrance passage with stone lintel. (Original teaching slide code: BF-21)

35mm slide: 20452


Full Record: x-16527/16527

Fox trap. (Original teaching slide code: BF-22)

35mm slide: 20453


Full Record: x-16528/16528

Point Revenge Indian (AD 600-900) Smudge fire pit (Original teaching slide code: BF-23). Within Labrador region.

35mm slide: 20454


Full Record: x-16529/16529

Steven Loring at site edge. Naskappi/Innu Indian tent ring site. (Original teaching slide code: BF-24) Within Labrador region.

35mm slide: 20455


Full Record: x-1653/1653

Chichén Itzá -- Temple of the Warriors -- carved columns.

35mm slide: 386


Full Record: x-16530/16530

Fitzhugh brothers and D. Laeyendecker excavating. Maritime Archaic excavation. (Original teaching slide code: BF-25) Within Labrador region.

35mm slide: 20456


Full Record: x-16531/16531

The world's only source for Rama Chert is in North Labrador. Rama Chert (quartzite) points. (Original teaching slide code: BF-26) Within Labrador region.

35mm slide: 20457


Full Record: x-16532/16532

Chert point & scraper cache. S. Loring- Arch in E.N.A. (Original teaching slide code: BF-27) Within Labrador region.

35mm slide: 20458


Full Record: x-16533/16533

Site with Rama Chert points. Arctic survey boon= blowout. (Original teaching slide code: BF-28) Within Labrador region.

35mm slide: 20459


Full Record: x-16534/16534

Arctic photo challenges. W. and J. Fitzhugh/ bipod. (Original teaching slide code: BF-29) Within Labrador region.

35mm slide: 20460


Full Record: x-16535/16535

Broken Mammoth site. Early Alaska site on Tanana River (1990) (Original teaching slide code: BF-3)

35mm slide: 20434


Full Record: x-16536/16536

Machu Picchu and Waynu Picchu. Inca (Original teaching slide code: BF-30)

35mm slide: 20461


Full Record: x-16537/16537

Machu Picchu. Side view with terraces. Inca (Original teaching slide code: BF-31)

35mm slide: 20462


Full Record: x-16538/16538

Machu Picchu central complex. Inca (Original teaching slide code: BF-32)

35mm slide: 20463


Full Record: x-16539/16539

Machu Picchu tower. Inca (Original teaching slide code: BF-33)

35mm slide: 20464


Full Record: x-1654/1654

Chichén Itzá -- Temple of the Warriors -- carved column.

35mm slide: 387


Full Record: x-16540/16540

Machu Picchu solar clock. Inca (Original teaching slide code: BF-34)

35mm slide: 20465


Full Record: x-16541/16541

Inca masonry. Inca (near Cusco). Robin Burke: scale (Original teaching slide code: BF-35)

35mm slide: 20466


Full Record: x-16542/16542

Inca doorway (near Cusco) (Original teaching slide code: BF-36)

35mm slide: 20467


Full Record: x-16543/16543

Inca fountain. Inca (near Cusco) (Original teaching slide code: BF-37)

35mm slide: 20468


Full Record: x-16544/16544

Chavin de Huantar. Main temple. Early Horizon (Original teaching slide code: BF-38)

35mm slide: 20469


Full Record: x-16545/16545

Chavin de Huantar. Main temple wall with inset head. Kathy Bolen (head embodied) (Original teaching slide code: BF-39)

35mm slide: 20470


Full Record: x-16546/16546

Aleut Village. Pre-protohistoric site with longhouses (1989) (Original teaching slide code: BF-4)

35mm slide: 20435


Full Record: x-16547/16547

Chavin de Huantar. Main temple masonry. (Original teaching slide code: BF-40)

35mm slide: 20471