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Full Record: x-10541/10541

Oceania: Indonesia. Bamboo tubes with burned designs. North and West Borneo.

35mm slide: 4567


Full Record: x-10542/10542

Oceania: Melanesia. Basketry and grass dance mask. Sulka, Bismarck Arch.

35mm slide: 4568


Full Record: x-10543/10543

Oceania: Melanesia. Painted wood carvings. New Guinea ( 1,4,10,14, 20, 21, 23, 24) and West Melanesia.

35mm slide: 4569


Full Record: x-10544/10544

Oceania: Indonesia. Javanese batiks.

35mm slide: 4570


Full Record: x-10545/10545

Oceania: Indonesia. Batik design sections. Java. Central end North Java, except 8, West Java, and 9, Batavia.

35mm slide: 4571


Full Record: x-10546/10546

Oceania: Indonesia. Ikat design sections. Sumba, except 15, 17, Batak (Sumatra).

35mm slide: 4572


Full Record: x-10547/10547

Oceania: Indonesia. Bark work and basketry. Lesser Sunda, except 1,3,4,6, Halmahera.

35mm slide: 4573


Full Record: x-10548/10548

South America: Marginal and Tropical. Yahagan diorama: seashore scene with boat.

35mm slide: 4574


Full Record: x-10549/10549

South America: Marginal and Tropical. South American ornament. Peru (2,5), Tropical Forest (1,3,7-10, 13), Araucanian (4,6), Tehuelche (11, 12).

35mm slide: 4575


Full Record: x-1055/1055

Environment outside cave.

May 1991

35mm slide: 18978


Full Record: x-10550/10550

South America: Marginal and Tropical. Southern Peru. Nazca bowl.

35mm slide: 4576


Full Record: x-10551/10551

South America: Marginal and Tropical. North Peru. Chimu stirrup-handle portrait vase (detail).

35mm slide: 4577


Full Record: x-10552/10552

South America: Marginal and Tropical. Peru. Double spout jar.

35mm slide: 4578


Full Record: x-10553/10553

South America: Marginal and Tropical. Peru, Post-Tiahuanaco tapestry detail.

35mm slide: 4579


Full Record: x-10554/10554

South America: Marginal and Tropical. Peru. Post-Tiahuanaco tapestry.

35mm slide: 4580


Full Record: x-10556/10556

Middle America: Aztec-Toltec. Mexican Indian design (pots, mosaic, wall-painting, gold).

35mm slide: 4582


Full Record: x-10557/10557

Middle America: North Mexico. Cora (lft.) and Huichol (belts, rt.) weaving.

35mm slide: 4583


Full Record: x-10558/10558

North America: Plains. Plains Indian quill, beadwork and painting.

35mm slide: 4584


Full Record: x-10559/10559

North America: Plains. Crow Indian painted robe (box in rectangle).

35mm slide: 4585


Full Record: x-1056/1056

Historic reconstructed sod house.

May 1991

35mm slide: 18979


Full Record: x-10560/10560

North America: Plains. Beaded cradle-cover and tobacco pouch. Teton Dakota.

35mm slide: 4586


Full Record: x-10561/10561

Bird designs from around the world. Includes bird motifs from : North America, Southwest. Pueblo bird design motifs (4, Iroquois; 16, "Eastern"). See 4644 & 4645. Anasazi.

35mm slide: 4587


Full Record: x-10562/10562

North America: Southwest. Kiva mural, Awatovi, Arizona. Anasazi. 120" long, 50" high. Lent by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, United States Department of the Interior. Large and elaborate murals have been discovered in recent years on the walls of kivas or ceremonial rooms in some of the prehistoric Pueblo ruins. The mural illustrated here was found in Awatovi in northeastern Arizona. It is a replica executed in the ancient manner by four conte

35mm slide: 4588


Full Record: x-10563/10563

North America: Southwest. Hopi kachina mask. Anasazi. Photo by KRB.

35mm slide: 4589


Full Record: x-10564/10564

North America: Southwest. Navaho blanket (Rio Grande "Spanish")

35mm slide: 4590


Full Record: x-10565/10565

North America: Southwest. Navaho blanket.

35mm slide: 4591


Full Record: x-10566/10566

North America: Southwest. Navaho sand-painting: Sky-father and Earth-mother (from the shooting chant). Reproduction lent by the Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art, Sante Fe, New Mexico. This sand painting representing the Sky Father and the Earth Mother is one of a series from the Shooting Chant, an important Navajo religious ceremony. Such paintings are made by sprinkling powdered colored rock and earth on a flat bed of sand, and are an integral part

35mm slide: 4592


Full Record: x-10567/10567

North America: Southwest. Mohave painted clay doll, Southern California.

35mm slide: 4593


Full Record: x-10568/10568

North America: California. Pomo feathered baskets. Central California.

35mm slide: 4594


Full Record: x-1057/1057

Nebraska; Spring and Oregon Trail campsite.

May 1991

35mm slide: 18980


Full Record: x-10570/10570

North America: Northwest Coast, British Columbia. Tsimshean Headdress ornament (beaver). Wood and shell. 7.5 inches high. Lent by the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, New York. The chiefs of the Northwest Coasts tribes wore high cylindrical headdresses covered with ermine and surmounted by a crown of sea lion bristles. These headdresses were often decorated with wooden ornaments intricately carved and inlaid with abalone shell. T

35mm slide: 4596


Full Record: x-10571/10571

North America: Northwest Coast. Thunderbird memorial post.

35mm slide: 4597


Full Record: x-10572/10572

North America: Northwest Coast. Charley Swan (a Makah) in dance costume, Washington.

35mm slide: 4598


Full Record: x-10573/10573

North America: Northwest Coast. N'ootk'a cedar cradle, (1) ; rain hat (tribe unknown) , (2).

35mm slide: 4599


Full Record: x-10574/10574

North America: Northwest Coast. Tlingit dance apron, painted (killer whale). Leather.

35mm slide: 4600


Full Record: x-10575/10575

North America: Northwest Coast. Tlingit twined basket.

35mm slide: 4601


Full Record: x-10576/10576

North America: Northwest Coast. Totem pole. Source unspecified. (Lower portion only).

35mm slide: 4602


Full Record: x-10577/10577

North America: Northwest Coast. Totem pole. Source unspecified (Lower portion only).

35mm slide: 4603


Full Record: x-10578/10578

North America: Northwest Coast. Totem pole: detail, showing mouth carving, with tongue.

35mm slide: 4604


Full Record: x-10579/10579

North America: Northwest Coast. Haida slate dish (sculpin design). Tlingit cedar box.

35mm slide: 4605


Full Record: x-1058/1058

Tlingit Liksadi Clan Raven Helmet.

35mm slide: 18981


Full Record: x-10580/10580

North America: Northwest Coast. Tlingit halibut hook and fish club (whale design). Club is 22" long.

35mm slide: 4606


Full Record: x-10581/10581

North America: Northwest Coast. Tlingit knives. Designs are: shark, wolf, raven, "animal", bear.

35mm slide: 4607


Full Record: x-10582/10582

North America: Northwest Coast. Tlingit boat-shaped grease dish (depth 6 1/2 ").

35mm slide: 4608


Full Record: x-10583/10583

North America: Northwest Coast. Tlingit shaman's charm, of whalebone (killer whale design).

35mm slide: 4609


Full Record: x-10584/10584

North America: Northwest Coast. Tlingit helmet, of grimacing, or paralyzed, man.

35mm slide: 4610


Full Record: x-10585/10585

North America: Eskimo. Eskimo wooden mask, Southwest Alaska. Dimensions: 15 inches long by 9 inches wide. Eskimo masks showing extreme distortions are said to represent the spirits seen by medicine men. Mask making among the Eskimos is restricted to a relatively small area between the mouth of the Yukon river south to the Aleutian peninsula. The colors of this mask are typical of the Eskimo artists' preference for white backgrounds relieved by are

35mm slide: 4611


Full Record: x-10586/10586

North America: Eskimo. Masks and dance gear, Southwest Alaska,

35mm slide: 4612


Full Record: x-10587/10587

North America: Eskimo. Ivory carving, on: sewing-kit toggle, thimble-guard, and bodkins. Upper (fish) 4" long.

35mm slide: 4613


Full Record: x-10588/10588

North America: Eskimo. Engraved arrow-straightener and pipe. Ivory.

35mm slide: 4614