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Full Record: x-2471/2471

Navaho Silversmithing- Navaho Silversmith, Tom Burnsides, filing on the cast

35mm slide: 1227


Full Record: x-24710/24710

San Augustin, near source of Magdalena River in Colombian Andes. Beginning - last 5 centuries BC.


35mm slide: 25448


Full Record: x-24711/24711

San Augustin, near source of Magdalena River in Colombian Andes. Beginning - last 5 centuries BC.


35mm slide: 25449


Full Record: x-24712/24712

San Augustin, near source of Magdalena River in Colombian Andes. Beginning - last 5 centuries BC.


35mm slide: 25450


Full Record: x-24713/24713

San Augustin, near source of Magdalena River in Colombian Andes. Beginning - last 5 centuries BC.


35mm slide: 25451


Full Record: x-24714/24714

San Augustin, near source of Magdalena River in Colombian Andes. Beginning - last 5 centuries BC.


35mm slide: 25452


Full Record: x-2472/2472

Navaho Silversmithing- Blow torch being used to melt silver. Mold in center foreground

35mm slide: 1228


Full Record: x-24722/24722

Tule Spring site, NV. Heavy equipment making cross-sections in old stream channels.

Dec. 1962

35mm slide: 25457


Full Record: x-2473/2473

Navaho cast silver: Ketoh or wrist guard, center; two pins on left; parts for a belt buckle assembly on the right

35mm slide: 1229


Full Record: x-2474/2474

Navaho cast silver bracelets

35mm slide: 1230


Full Record: x-2475/2475

Navaho silver figure pins copied from the ancient pictographs on canyon walls near the Indian's hogan

35mm slide: 1231


Santa Rosa Island. SBMNH Loc. 131.2 B. Cemetery. Skull Gulch.

Jun. 1960

35mm slide: 25368


Full Record: x-2476/2476

Navaho children herding sheep beneath a natural bridge

35mm slide: 1232


Full Record: x-2477/2477

Navaho girl

35mm slide: 1233


Full Record: x-2478/2478

Navaho mother and children. Infant is strapped to a cradle board

35mm slide: 1234


Full Record: x-2479/2479

Hoskinni-bi-gai, a Navaho man

35mm slide: 1236


Full Record: x-2480/2480

Navaho girl washing her hair

35mm slide: 1237


Full Record: x-2481/2481

Navaho woman working on ceremonial rug at outdoor loom

35mm slide: 1238


Full Record: x-2482/2482

Ada-ki-Yazzi, Navaho Medicine Man

35mm slide: 1239


Full Record: x-2483/2483

1. Huaco picture made of a polished brilliant clay, first coiffure is white and smooth and the second is decorated in dark ochre. From the clay ring which comes out of the cranium comes a spillway. Its nose is perforated. It is 29 centimeters high. It belongs to the primitive periods when ceramic pieces were painted white upon a red foundation or "intercrossed" or "intermixed". It is 32 centimeters high, the spillway included. 2. This diagram "

35mm slide: 1240


Full Record: x-2484/2484

Fig. 42. Silver vessel made out of two parts. It is a human face with features in relief, and hollow in the inside. It seems that this figure was made by hammering from the inside to the outside. It is not soldered. The upper part is double and the lower one goes in and fits perfectly well. In the whole vessel are seen the marks of some engraving instrument. The upper part is beveled. 17 centimeters high. It is very primitive. Fig. 43. Scul

35mm slide: 1241


Full Record: x-2485/2485

Fig. 54. Copper pectoral disc. Its repousse mask has a pointed frieze and a central point. They used to wear these discs hanging from the neck; sometimes they were made out of leather, and others of metal. They called this disc "Walkanta" and this is 9 centimeters in diameter. Fig. 55. Necklace formed by turquoise beads in different sizes; it is threaded in double threads and joined by little golden repousse plates alternating with mother-of-pea

35mm slide: 1242


Full Record: x-2486/2486

Fig. 47. "Chuspa" or little bag to carry medicinal herbs or "coca". Its fabric looks like needlework and has geometric drawings. It is made out of vicuna wool in dark red, dark brown, and light sienna colors. It measures folded 14 centimeters wide by 12 centimeters long. Fig. 48. Penate engraved on a tiger or puma fang. It represents a warrior carrying in its hands a trophy head which is perforated so that it can be hung. It is 7 centimeters l

35mm slide: 1243


Full Record: x-2487/2487

Fig. 33. Black ceramic piece finished in a metallic polish that makes it look like steel. It has as ovoid shape. On its upper part a bird is seated. On the handle that upholds the spillway is a small monkey figure. Height: 0.19 M. It belongs to the CHIMU culture. Fig. 34. Black clay amphora with the same metallic polish of Fig. 33. It has a very rare shape, resembling a hydroplane. Perhaps it represents a fish. On its front part is a line

35mm slide: 1244


Full Record: x-2488/2488

This is the most beautiful of the pieces with a little spoon called "Tablillas de Ofrendas". As far as I know, only three specimens of these tablets have been found: One is in the Ethnologic Museum of Buenos Aires and the other two are in the Hildeshein Romermuseum. This most valuable archeological piece was found in Tiahuanaco. These pieces were used in certain cult practices, but their specific object has not been found out. Posnansky is of th

35mm slide: 1245


Full Record: x-2489/2489

85A: Reverse of Fig. 85 (slide #1245) 86: Small copper spoon with a little bird at its end. It measures 8 centimeters.

35mm slide: 1246


Full Record: x-2490/2490

Ritual vessel used for oblations. Its clay of natural color is decorated in almost white color. Its inside seems to have been burnt. It symbolizes sacrifice by precipitated fall and mutation. The figures are in relief. It belongs to the Second Epoch of the Muchik culture. It measures 0.14m. Note: It seems that this ceramic piece is closely related with the Wilancha ceremony. Professor Posnansky says in his Antropologia y Sociologia se las Raz

35mm slide: 1247


Full Record: x-2491/2491

Large necklace made out of seeds, wooden plates and graffito decorated bones. Harmony and an admirable taste is displayed in the whole necklace. Each seed has a peculiar sound and altogether produce harmonious tones. The drawing on this piece was executed with strict adherence to the original and deserves special attention. In the book entitled " The Andes of Southern Peru" by Isaiah Bowman are found the following very interesting data: "The Yave

35mm slide: 1248


Full Record: x-24915/24915

Pompeii, Italy. Theater.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25610


Full Record: x-24916/24916

Pompeii, Italy. Reconstructed patrician house atrium (view to rear).

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25611


Full Record: x-24918/24918

Pompeii, Italy. Bath: hot room, showing steam pool and subfloor area for steam.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25613


Full Record: x-24919/24919

Pompeii, Italy. Street store counters.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25614


Full Record: x-2492/2492

16: Large oreillette for the exclusive use of the royal clan family members of the different tribes that peopled Peru before the Spanish conquest. On the royal golden disc-like upper part of it appears in bas-relief the figure of a deity. In "El Indio Peruano", the author, Moises Sawnz, says: The royal class, the nobility, was raised in special schools. The initiation ceremonies in adult life were very solemn and presided over by the sovereign. A

35mm slide: 1249


Full Record: x-24920/24920

Pompeii, Italy. Cart outs between stepping stones.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25615


Full Record: x-24921/24921

Pompeii, Italy. Partly rebuilt "House of Columns."

35mm slide: 25616


Full Record: x-24922/24922

Pompeii, Italy. Temple of Apollo detail (view toward forum).

35mm slide: 25617


Full Record: x-24923/24923

Pompeii, Italy. Main street, blocked to carts at edge of civic forum.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25618


Full Record: x-24924/24924

Pompeii, Italy. Patrician garden behind house (frescos).

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25619


Full Record: x-24925/24925

Cerveteri, Italy. Etruscan tomb with interior relief carvings.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25620


Full Record: x-24926/24926

Cerveteri, Italy. Etruscan tombs in tomb-city.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25621


Full Record: x-24927/24927

Cerveteri, Italy. Etruscan tomb cut in basalt.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25622


Full Record: x-24928/24928

Cerveteri, Italy. Central road of Etruscan tomb-city.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25623


Full Record: x-24929/24929

Cerveteri, Italy. Bed-niche of inner chamber; entrance.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25624


Full Record: x-24930/24930

Cerveteri, Italy. Etruscan tomb entrance, interior.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25625


Full Record: x-24931/24931

Cerveteri, Italy. Etruscan tombs cut in "living" basalt, and wall of basalt blocks.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25626


Full Record: x-24932/24932

Cerveteri, Italy. Etruscan minor tombs, cut down from surface in basalt.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25627


Full Record: x-24933/24933

Cerveteri, Italy. Etruscan tomb-city. Minor tombs cut below ground level.

Jun. 1959

35mm slide: 25628


Full Record: x-24934/24934

Ampurias. Model of Temple of Asclepius and later temples in colony of Emporion, Spain.

Sept. 1958

35mm slide: 25629


Full Record: x-24935/24935

Ampurias. Statue of Asclepius, near agora of Greek colony Emporion, Spain.

Sept. 1958

35mm slide: 25630


Full Record: x-24936/24936

Ampurias. South entrance, Greek colony, Spain.

Sept. 1958

35mm slide: 25631