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Full Record: x-23303/23303

"Twin Lakes" rims. Collection of L. B. Jones, photo from Stephen Williams - 1966. (Acc. #2937)


35mm slide: 17389


Full Record: x-23304/23304

Zoned punctate sherds. Collection of L. B. Jones, photo from Stephen Williams - 1966. (Acc. #2937)


35mm slide: 17390


Full Record: x-23305/23305

Cord impressed sherds. Collection of L. B. Jones, photo from Stephen Williams - 1966. (Acc. #2937)


35mm slide: 17391


Full Record: x-23306/23306

Withers and cord marked sherds. Collection of L. B. Jones, photo from Stephen Williams - 1966. (Acc. #2937)


35mm slide: 17392


Full Record: x-23307/23307

Cord marked and withers fabric sherds.


35mm slide: 17393


Female articulated extended skeleton - note filed teeth. Photograph from unknown source.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17394


Full Record: x-23309/23309

Piesker site, sherds.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17395


Full Record: x-2331/2331

Macon Plateau pottery pipe, Mound C, Bibb County, Georgia. Macon Plateau.

35mm slide: 1093


Full Record: x-23310/23310

Schultz thick rim sherds.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17396


Full Record: x-23311/23311

Kramer points

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17397


Full Record: x-23312/23312

Schultz site, stemmed points.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17398


Full Record: x-23313/23313

Schultz site, notched points.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17399


Full Record: x-23314/23314

Schultz site, misc. bifaces

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17400


Full Record: x-23315/23315

Schultz site, ovate bifaces and point fragments.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17401


Full Record: x-23316/23316

Schultz site, lithic assemblage. (20x20 B)

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17402


Full Record: x-23317/23317

Schultz site, lithic assemblage. (670 E 570)

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17403


Full Record: x-23318/23318

Schultz site, Schultz thick sherds.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17404


Full Record: x-23319/23319

Black sand incised sherds.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17405


Full Record: x-2332/2332

Halstead Plain effigy bottle, Mound C, Bibb County, Georgia. Macon Plateau.

35mm slide: 1094


Full Record: x-23320/23320

Black sand incised sherds.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17406


Full Record: x-23321/23321

Chariton Locality, black sand incised sherds.

Jun. 1982

35mm slide: 17407


Full Record: x-23322/23322

(Right to Left) Morgan, Frey, Sassawah, and Jennings. University of Chicago

Apr. 1982

35mm slide: 17408


Full Record: x-23324/23324

James B. Griffin UMMA slide, 1982

Apr. 1982

35mm slide: 17410


Full Record: x-23325/23325

No information given. Excavation. Assumed to be from eastern US.

Apr. 1982

35mm slide: 17411


Full Record: x-2333/2333

Greenstone spud, Mound C, Bibb County, Georgia. Macon Plateau.

35mm slide: 1095


Full Record: x-2334/2334

Lamar Plain bowl, Lamar Bold Incised jar, Bibb County, Georgia. Lamar.

35mm slide: 1096


Full Record: x-23344/23344

Chunky Player Spiro style effigy pipe, height ca. 8" (now in St. Louis Art Museum)

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17430


Full Record: x-23345/23345

Spiro Site, Craig Mound, Pipe.

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17431


Full Record: x-23346/23346

Florida, Key Marco, Painted sculpted deer head.

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17432


Full Record: x-23347/23347

Florida, Key Marco, wolf (?) head sculpture.

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17433


Full Record: x-23348/23348

Illinois, Cahokia, Artist's drawing of central Cahokia - stirling phase.

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17434


Full Record: x-23349/23349

North Carolina, Town Creek- Central Area.

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17435


Full Record: x-2335/2335

Lamar Complicated Stamp jar, Bibb County, Georgia. Lamar.

35mm slide: 1097


Full Record: x-23350/23350

Louisiana, Chitimacha cane basket.

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17436


Full Record: x-23351/23351

Plains Prairie Chicken Dance (interpretation)

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17437


Full Record: x-23352/23352

Sioux Hayoka Dance with Long Nose.

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17438


Full Record: x-23353/23353

Zuni Rain Dance (Uroman 1900).

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17439


Full Record: x-23354/23354

Florida, Key Marco, Panther sculpture.

Sept. 1982

35mm slide: 17440


Full Record: x-2336/2336

Lamar Bold Incised Plate, Bibb County, Georgia. Lamar.

35mm slide: 1098


Full Record: x-23361/23361

Marksville site map. The Marksville site is located on the eastern edge of the Marksville Prarie overlooking Old River and the adjacent floodplain approximately 12 meters below. Other early Marksville sites, such as Helena Crossing and Grand Gulf, are situated on similar high ground with commanding positions above the Mississippi Valley. The Marksville site was mapped and its features named by Gerard Fowke in 1926. (Fowke, 1928)


35mm slide: 17446


Full Record: x-23362/23362

Marksville site, aerial view. Many of the main features of the Marksville site can be seen in the aerial photograph taken by Thomas Ryan in 1971. The main portion of the site is defined by a semicircular embankment about 1,100 meters long which now ranges from 1 to 2 meters in height. Within the enclosure are three conical mounds (Mounds 3, 4, and 5) and two larger truncated pyramidal mounds (Mounds 2 and 6). There is a small circular enclosure so


35mm slide: 17447


Full Record: x-23363/23363

Marksville Stamped, var. Marksville vessel. Early excavations at Marksville produced ceramics that showed affinity with northern Hopewell. A finely made slender pot found by Fowke in Mound 8 has three repetitions of the raptorial bird motif. The background of the clay tempered vessel is roughen by dentate rocker stamping, another Hopewellian parallel. An almost identical vessel was found in Mound 4 (Toth 1974: Fig. c, d). Height 12.8 cm, diameter


35mm slide: 17448


Full Record: x-23364/23364

Marksville crosshatched rim. A small plain vessel from the Crooks site (Ford Willey 1940) has a finely incised cross-hatched rim typical of those found at Marksville and most other early Marksville sites. The diagnostic rim treatment and the hemiconical punctate underneath, provide strong Hopewellian parallels. Vessel is Baytown Plain, var. Marksville. Height 5.6 cm, diameter 5.9 cm, capacity 90 ml. LSU No. 2278, Museum of Geoscience.

35mm slide: 17449


Full Record: x-23365/23365

Reconstructed Marksville Mound 4. The most famous Marksville conical mound was excavated by Fowke in 1926, explored by John R. Swanton in 1930, and further excavated by Frank Setzler and James A. Ford in 1933 (see Toth 1974 for details). The mound, approximately 33 meters in diameter and 7 meters in height, into which a burial vault had been sunk. Somewhere between 35 and 60 burials were located in Mound 4, most of them in the burial vault and on t


35mm slide: 17450


Full Record: x-23366/23366

Marksville earthworks. Originally, the main earthworks at the Marksville site were 2.5 to 4 meters high and had a ditch, or borrow area, along the outside edge (Toth 1974: 15). The earthworks define a broad "ceremonial" area which can be entered through three openings. The Marksville embankment never has been excavated, and thus it is unwise to assign such constructions to the early Marksville period - no matter how strong the parallels to northern


35mm slide: 17451


Full Record: x-23367/23367

Mound City earthworks, Ross County, Ohio. Having worked at Ohio Hopewell sites, Setzler (1934) made the obvious, but superficial, connection between Marksville and Ohio Hopewell sites. In terms of their configuration and the burial mounds within, the Marksville earthworks do resemble the pattern at Mound City and other Hopewell sites in Ohio. Until tested, however, the parallel is just an unproved hypothesis.


35mm slide: 17452


Full Record: x-23368/23368

Serpent Mound, Adams County, Ohio. Another famous example of Hopewellian earthwork construction, over 400 meters in length, is the Serpent Mound which also is associated with a conical burial mound. There are no Marksville earthworks of this pattern, although in cross section the earthworks should be somewhat similar.

35mm slide: 17453


Full Record: x-23369/23369

Marksville Stamped, var. Marksville vessel. John R. Swanton was given a small beaker from Fowke's unfinished trench in Marksville Mound 4 that provided a good example of zoned dentate rocker stamping. The roughened background is used to achieve a dual motif which may represent the talons of a bird of prey. Height 7.6 cm, diameter 8.8 cm, capacity 330 ml. Smithsonian No. 364275, U.S. National Museum.


35mm slide: 17454


Full Record: x-2337/2337

Lamar Complicated Stamp, Bull Creek, Bibb County, Georgia. Lamar.

35mm slide: 1099


Full Record: x-23370/23370

Marksville Stamped, var. Old River vessel. Another beaker, built around three lobes, utilizes non-dentate rocker stamping to emphasize halves of a motif resembling a corner notched projectile point. Both dentate and non-dentate rocker stamping have northern Hopewell parallels. The dash-dot rim treatment on this vessel excavated by Fowke in Marksville Mound 4 is an early Marksville diagnostic with no identified comparisons from outside the Lower Mis


35mm slide: 17455