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Full Record: x-14804/14804

Niaux, France. Stag in natural relief. 10/8 Here we see a most remarkable, even sensational utilization of a natural relief. In this "composition" the artist built an image about the suggestion conveyed to him by a hallow in the rock. Evidently, this concavity showed itself to him a stag's head, seen from in front, or from behind. A rocky shoulder to the right obviously suggested antlers, and it would appear that the artist forthwith defined them


35mm slide: 9287


Full Record: x-14805/14805

Niaux, France. Bison with two black arrows. 10/11 Here once more we find evidence of a sense of creativity whence issued the development of the black horse seen in the proceeding slide, but this time applied to a bison. The animal, 39" long, rests on a rocky scale, securely positioned with its front feet on one side and its hind feet on the other.

Two heavily defined ritual arrows, represented by converging lines, wound the bison in its right fla


35mm slide: 9288


Full Record: x-14806/14806

Niaux, France. III Small wounded ibex. 14/4 Between and to the right of the two preceding bison is an ibex of much smaller stature. The size of the ibex may have been deliberated, to minimize its importance vis-à-vis the bison. Of the panel. (In any case, the relation of the ibex to the bison gives no clue to its comparative age. The head of the ibex seems to droop under the impact of the blows it has received: two javelins in the chest.


35mm slide: 9289


Full Record: x-14807/14807

Niaux, France. Salon Noir (III) Bull engraved in clay. 14/10 The clay on the ground was a convenient setting for sketches and even complete engravings. A good number of these must have been effaced by visitors, whether from prehistoric or more recent times.

Here-- in and area to the left of the Salon Noir at the foot of the wall overhanging so as to make passage impossible -- is the engraved sketch of a bull 18 inches long, done in an unquestionabl


35mm slide: 9290


Full Record: x-14808/14808

Niaux, France. Trout engraved in clay. 17/4 As in the cave of nearby Bedeilhac, these clay surfaces of Niaux are rich in engravings. Unfortunately, casual visitors often failed to recognize them for what they were, trampling and frequently obliterating them. Those engravings which are preserved are the exceptions, an example being this excellent trout, measuring 11 3/4" in length and found on one of the overhangs of this gallery, before coming to t


35mm slide: 9291


Full Record: x-14809/14809

Niaux, France. The Bison of the "cups". 17/5 One of the major works of Niaux -- indeed, of Quaternary art itself -- is this bison. Engraved in clay, it bears witness to the technique and graphic genius of the Magdalenian artist. In its way this work calls to mind the art of a Matisse, A Picasso, or one of the great Japanese print-makers. Here we see how, on this clay surface, natural cups were formed, little hollows created by drops of water fall


35mm slide: 9292


Full Record: x-1481/1481

Head Pots. Whelpley Collection. St. Louis Academy of Science.

35mm slide: 201


Full Record: x-14810/14810

Niaux, France. The Galleries. Bison of the "Cups" detail. 17/6 As noted, one of these cups was chosen; it served to form the globe of the eye, and with this as the probable starting point, the admirable design of a bison unfolded. We have already commented on the sure and expert line, freely engraved in the clay. But equally remarkable is the quality of the design which developed from the point-of-departure of the natural "eye," the cup. Inspire


35mm slide: 9293


Full Record: x-14811/14811

Niaux, France. Sketch of horse with arrows. 17/11 A major point of interest in Niaux is the symbolism and abstract character of its subject matter. This is true even when the obscurity of the symbol or the abstraction makes it difficult or impossible to comprehend the composition.

Here a long horizontal red arrow, profusely barbed, is shown, the barbs seen on the left. Above it is the sketch of a small red horse, the muzzle pointing to the right


35mm slide: 9294


Full Record: x-14812/14812

Rouffignac, France. The "DuBois" rhinoceros. The second rhinoceros of the frieze, 43" long, is to all appearance a female. It is likely that the longer, but also thinner and sharper, horns were attributes of the females, which could well have used them not merely for protection but to guide their young as well. An inscription, cut with a knife, of the name "DuBois" was done apparently in recent times by a local cave-explorer, ignorant of prehistor


35mm slide: 9295


Full Record: x-14813/14813

Carts, camp, and cattle (Mongols).

35mm slide: 9296


Full Record: x-14814/14814

Chess game (Mongols).

35mm slide: 9297


Full Record: x-14815/14815

Roving hospital truck (Mongols).

35mm slide: 9298


Full Record: x-14816/14816

Store with canned goods (Mongols).

35mm slide: 9299


Full Record: x-14817/14817

Orochi deer hunters (Tungus).

35mm slide: 9300


Full Record: x-14818/14818

Orochi girls with leather embroidery (Tungus).

35mm slide: 9301


Full Record: x-14819/14819

Orochi tipi (old style) camp (Tungus).

35mm slide: 9302


Full Record: x-1482/1482

Head Pots. Whelpley Collection. St. Louis Academy of Science.

35mm slide: 202


Full Record: x-14820/14820

Owenki veterinary check on deer (Tungus)

35mm slide: 9303


Full Record: x-14821/14821

Maternity hospital ward (Mongols).

35mm slide: 9304


Full Record: x-14822/14822

Mongolia and Chining - Ulaan-Baatar railroad (View in Inner Mongolia)

35mm slide: 9305


Full Record: x-14823/14823

Cart camel train (Mongols).

35mm slide: 9306


Full Record: x-14824/14824

Horse and pole noose (Mongols).

35mm slide: 9307


Full Record: x-14825/14825

European concept of a Mongol.

35mm slide: 9308


Full Record: x-14826/14826

Ulaan-Baatar government building (Mongols).

35mm slide: 9309


Full Record: x-14827/14827

Ulaan-Baatar wrestling class (Mongols).

35mm slide: 9310


Full Record: x-14828/14828

Highway and Kopet-Dag Mountains,Turkmen; road to Firyuza Ravine. Soviet Turkmenistan.

35mm slide: 9311


Full Record: x-14829/14829

Shop at the Ashkhabad carpet-weaving Artel. Turkmen, Soviet Turkmenistan.

35mm slide: 9312


Full Record: x-1483/1483

Head Pots. Whelpley Collection. St. Louis Academy of Science.

35mm slide: 203


Full Record: x-14830/14830

Ashkhabad Drama Theatre, Turkmen. Soviet Turkmenistan.

35mm slide: 9313


Full Record: x-14831/14831

Ashkando Drama Theatre (exterior), Turkmen. Soviet Turkmenistan.

35mm slide: 9314


Full Record: x-14832/14832

Dwelling houses for workers of the Ashkhabad Spinning and Weaving Mill, Turkmen. Soviet Turkmenistan.

35mm slide: 9315


Full Record: x-14833/14833

Orchard in Kopet-Dag valley. Turkmen. Soviet Turkmenistan.

35mm slide: 9316


Full Record: x-14834/14834

Kazaka Field Hospital patients, Kazaka.

35mm slide: 9317


Full Record: x-14835/14835

Grandfather and grandson. Kazaka.

35mm slide: 9318


Full Record: x-14836/14836

Hatter's Co-op, Yarkand. Uigur.

35mm slide: 9319


Full Record: x-14837/14837

Covered street, Kashgar.

35mm slide: 9320


Full Record: x-14838/14838

Market scene, Kashgar.

35mm slide: 9321


Full Record: x-14839/14839

Market day, Kashgar.

35mm slide: 9322


Full Record: x-1484/1484

Head Pots. Whelpley Collection. St. Louis Academy of Science.

35mm slide: 204


Full Record: x-14841/14841

New-style street, Tashkent.

35mm slide: 9324


Full Record: x-14842/14842

Artizan on opera house wall, Uzbek.

35mm slide: 9325


Full Record: x-14843/14843

Ferghana streets and trees in the Russian section, Uzbek.

35mm slide: 9326


Full Record: x-14844/14844

Old town street, Uzbek.

35mm slide: 9327


Full Record: x-14845/14845

Collective farm assembly hall, Uzbek.

35mm slide: 9328


Full Record: x-14846/14846

Lamas at prayer, Mongols.

35mm slide: 9329


Full Record: x-14847/14847

State University, Kirghiz.

35mm slide: 9330


Full Record: x-14848/14848

Meat packing plant, Kirghiz.

35mm slide: 9331


Full Record: x-14849/14849

Lenin street in Frunze, Kirghiz.

35mm slide: 9332


Full Record: x-1485/1485

Near Bassett -- C.M. Bell Farm -- V468 and V852. 2 "classic" type red and white head vases. Lemley Collection.

35mm slide: 205