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Cawein, Madison Julius, 1865-1914 / [1905] Vale of tempe : poems / by Madison J. Cawein [electronic text]
Crapsey, Adelaide, 1878-1914 / [1922] Verse / Adelaide Crapsey [electronic text]
Jefferson, Wilson, b. 1879 / [1909] Verses / Wilson Jefferson [electronic text]
Johnson, Maggie Pogue / [1910] Virginia dreams / Maggie Pogue Johnson [electronic text]
Lowell, James Russell, 1819-1891 / [n.d.] Vision of Sir Launfal / by James Russell Lowell [electronic text]
Johnson, Fenton, 1888-1958 / [1915] Visions of the dusk / Fenton Johnson [electronic text]
Cawein, Madison Julius, 1865-1914 / [1902] Voice on the wind and other poems / by Madison Cawein [electronic text]
Scollard, Clinton, 1860-1932 / [1908] Voices and visions / by Clinton Scollard [electronic text]