Complete poems of Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe
J.H. Whitty
Page  236

TO M. L. S —

Poe's MS. To Mrs. M. L. S., February 14, 1847. Home Journal,March 13, 1847.

Text, Home Journal.
Variations in MS. from text:

  • 2. Thine: thy.
  • 9. Lying: Laying then.
  • 14. Resembles: approaches.

Notes: The poem was introduced in the Home Journal as follows: —

"The following seems said over a hand clasped in the speaker's two. It is by Edgar A. Poe, and is evidently the pouring out of a very deep feeling of gratitude."
The poem was sent to Mrs. Marie Louise Shew. The manuscript copy dated February 14, 1847, is still in the possession of her daughter, Mrs. William Wiley, and was used in making comparisons of the text.