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Title:  Addresses delivered at the celebration of the ... anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, under the auspices of the Lincoln Centennial Association, at ... Springfield, Illinois. [1914]
Author: Abraham Lincoln Association (Springfield, Ill.)
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60 LINCOLN-Man and American shreds and scraps of a rudimentary education that is not worthy of the name. Unless Lincoln's work is to have been done in vain, the South must not fix upon servitude without chains as the abiding portion of the negro race. Lincoln has conferred a new dignity upon labor, but the new dignity of labor must include larger dignity and fuller life for the toiler. If it be true, as Lincoln said, that to secure to each laborer the whole product of his labor, or as nearly as possible, is a worthy object of any good government, then children should cease to toil, then Northern capital shall cease to enslave the children of the South, then women must not be overworked and under-paid, must not be driven into shame from shop and store and factory by a starvation wage, then man must have a larger and larger share of the fruits of his labor. If we are to do Lincoln's work, we must enfranchise all men,