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From the Editor Tamar Boyadjian PDF (449kb)
From The Dark Side of the Week Karén Karslyan PDF (506kb)
"Silent Word-City" Tamar Boyadjian PDF (1.1mb)
"In the Language of Catastrophe" Krikor Beledian PDF (501kb)
"Forgive me for all those words", "There will be silence in the museum and phantom of death", "To explain without words", and "The ruins call intensely with their stubborn" Vehanoush Tekian PDF (486kb)
"Winter Soldier" Christian Batikian PDF (591kb)
From suspended line Ara Kazandjian PDF (481kb)
"Words" Ani Asatryan PDF (530kb)
"Blackselves" Shushan Avagyan PDF (587kb)
"Buzz" Violet Grigoryan PDF (582kb)
"Prodigal Son" Eduard Hakhverdian PDF (505kb)
"In the name of Button" Anna Davtyan PDF (463kb)
"Aleppo, Aleppo", "Without Exit" Maroush Yeramian PDF (516kb)
"West Side Story", "Laborer of Love", and "LO" Ikna Sarıaslan PDF (481kb)
"Remembering the Reader" Aram Pachyan PDF (458kb)
"Black and White Moments" Boghos Kupelian PDF (491kb)
"Family Album: Vardanush," from the documentary novel, Those Large, Blue Eyes Vahan Ishkhanyan PDF (510kb)
"Still Born: Repetition, Translation, and Translatability" Marc Nichanian PDF (552kb)
Editors - Authors - Translators PDF (661kb)